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Experienced commercial electricians understand the unique challenges faced by their customers. They’re trained to meet the exacting regulations that local, state, and sometimes federal institutions place on commercial enterprises. And they know that a building or office running at peak performance is good for a customer’s bottom line.

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To deliver superior commercial electrical repair Sebastopol services means taking the time to keep technical skills up-to-date so your business can be confident that the work performed meets the highest standards. Spyrka Electric is your go-to source for high-quality commercial electrical repair work that minimizes disruption so your business can continue to operate smoothly.

We provide electrical repair in Sebastopol for :

When you need the services of a professional, licensed commercial electrician, we deliver reliable, efficient, and fairly priced commercial repair work.

Commercial Electrical Repair Services in Sebastopol

Commercial electrical needs typically depend on heavier usage loads and often require specialized equipment. You need a commercial electrician who can install specialty lighting and wiring and also provide a wealth of commercial electrical repair in Sebastopol:

  • Interior and exterior energy-efficient electrical and lighting design and installation
  • Panel upgrades
  • Equipment and machinery wiring
  • Tenant improvements
  • Electric vehicle charging station installation
  • Emergency and exit lighting systems
  • Surge suppression
  • HVAC and backup generator installation
  • Security systems

Preventative measures should also be part of your building maintenance routine so to provide everyone with a safe work and living environment.

Four Common Commercial Electrical Repair Jobs 

There are as many commercial electrical repair jobs as there are commercial sites! Some electrical hazards, though, are common to most buildings. With over 2200 non-fatal electrical injuries occurring per year, it’s important for businesses to provide a safe environment for the people who live and work in their buildings.

We believe in promoting electrical safety in commercial buildings. Here are four of the most common electrical hazards we want our clients to know about.

  1. Faulty or damaged wiring and cables pose a serious electrical hazard and should be immediately removed and replaced. Regularly scheduled wiring inspection can help eliminate the risk of fire and/or electrical shock.
  2. Equipment safety protocols are often ignored as people get comfortable with things working the way they should. But equipment can malfunction without warning and pose a dangerous electrical hazard. Routine safety training can help both employers and employees understand and practice safe electrical equipment handling.
  3. Overloaded outlets pose a serious shock and fire hazard and can lead to a power shortage. To avoid overheating and personal injury, have a commercial electrician add additional outlets where needed.
  4. Water exposure greatly increases the risk of shock or even death. Make sure that electrical equipment and cords are kept far away from any source of water. Outlets near water such as in bathrooms and kitchens should be GFCI models.

Call Now for Spyrka Commercial Repair Solutions

Spyrka Electric has been servicing the commercial electrical repair needs of Sebastopol businesses for more than 24 years. Our dedicated electricians have decades of combined experience and will see to it that your project receives the highest level of professionalism, knowledge, and skill. We specialize in all commercial installations including lighting design and networking.

To get started with an estimate for commercial electrical repair service for your Sebastopol business, contact us today by phone, email, or online so we can meet with you to evaluate any problems and perform necessary electrical repair and installation services to help your business run more efficiently and cost-effectively.

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