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Spyrka Electric offers both residential and commercial services throughout Santa Rosa and the greater Sonoma County area. In addition to electrical repairs, installations, renovations, and build-outs, we also provide lighting system installations and upgrades.

If you’re an apartment, condo, or commercial rental property owner or manager, we offer another important service that brings you extraordinary value and convenience: on-call commercial electrical services.

On-Call Commercial Electrical Services

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Whether it’s tenant repair requests, regular maintenance and inspection services, wiring upgrades, or electrical system repairs, contracting with Spyrka Electric for routine services can protect your bottom line.

Benefits to hiring a commercial electrician for your property’s electrical needs include:

  • Keeping properties and tenants safe from electrical hazards.
  • Suggestions on how to reduce electricity usage.
  • Recommendations for minor repairs before they become big issues help save you often significant amounts of money.

Proactive services ensure your property is in top shape and keeps it running 24/7.

4 Commercial Electrical Services Spyrka Electric Provides

From meter upgrades to phone, data, and cable wiring, Spyrka Electric’s range of services is broad and far-reaching. In addition to handling common electrical problems, here are the top four reasons we believe you should consider contracting with us for all your commercial electrical needs:

  1. Commercial lighting. Proper visibility is crucial for making sure tenants are safe and secure. Parking lots, pathways, halls, laundry rooms, entryways, and other building facilities can all benefit from an automated lighting system that minimizes electrical waste and saves you money.
  2. Electrical code compliance. Electrical codes are continually changing and being updated. Worrying about whether you’re in compliance shouldn’t be another task you need to add to your already crowded list of priorities. Contracting with a qualified, experienced, and licensed commercial contractor who is knowledgeable about various local codes brings the peace of mind that comes with knowing your property is up to current standards.
  3. Identifying electrical hazards. Electrical safety inspections are one of the most significant benefits of contracting with Spyrka Electric. Our commercial electrical contractors have specialized skills and training that makes them able to quickly spot potential safety and other electrical hazards in and around your property. These investigative skills help minimize the risk of electrical fires and other power-related dangers.
  4. Energy efficiency. Energy efficiency is more than the maximum output and minimal waste of power. It also means a reduction in overall electrical consumption that results in heat generation. Energy efficient wiring, components, and lighting (including LED lighting), help make sure your property not only uses less power but minimizes the counterproductive use of electricity needed to cool building environments.

Commercial Electrician Services in Santa Rosa

Nearly all commercial properties face electrical issues at some point. Spyrka Electric is your go-to source for property management electrical maintenance and repairs that are designed to minimize disruption to tenants’ daily lives.

We specialize in all commercial installations including networking and lighting design. Our property management services are performed by highly skilled commercial electricians who have decades of combined experience to handle the care, repair, and replacement of multiple property electrical systems. We’re ready to provide immediate remedy for an existing problem or investigate potential problems within the components of your system to ensure everything is operating as it should.

Spyrka Electric has been servicing the commercial electrical needs of apartment, condominium, and other commercial property owners in the Santa Rosa area for more than 25 years. If you’re looking for the best commercial electrician in Santa Rosa, contact us today by phone, email, or online and schedule an appointment to assess your property’s electrical system and perform any needed repairs.

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