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Today, businesses and homeowners alike depend on efficient computer networking and fast internet communications. Computer networking installation involves wiring and connecting all your home or office’s devices onto a local network, making productivity and communication effortless. If your computer cabling hasn’t been updated recently, it may be time to talk to a qualified electrical contractor about whether it’s still meeting your networking needs.

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Computer Cabling Basics

Rapid advances in technology mean we’re all enjoying greater processing power that’s revolutionizing the way we live and work. At the core of any network is the cabling infrastructure, the system that ties it all together and determines the speeds at which your environment functions.

Proper computer cabling increases the overall efficiency of your network. Is your cabling 10 years old or older? If so, it probably isn’t supporting the traffic you’re generating. Your electrician can help you implement a more powerful cabling upgrade.

Benefits of Upgrading for Businesses

To compete in a digital world means keeping up with new technologies as they emerge. Problems that may be holding you back—and that can be addressed by upgrading old cabling—include:

  • Crosstalk
  • Transfer impedance
  • Propagation delay, or the time it takes for a signal to run from one end of a circuit to the other
  • Insertion loss due to cable temperature increases
  • Return loss, or loss of power in the signal returned when a transmission line is disrupted.

Keep in mind that while upgrading a computer cabling system is a great investment, if it only complies with today’s standards you may end up having to upgrade again in two or three years. Ask us about why using quality cabling, hardware, and components gives your business the greatest flexibility in handling future needs.

Benefits of Upgrading for Homeowners

From messaging to searching for new recipes, most people use wireless connectivity while at home. But there are times that hardwiring is more efficient, particularly when streaming online content. Wireless is fast, but the farther a user is from the main router, the lower the signal will be. Sometimes people use Wi-Fi extenders, which can definitely help. But if you want consistent service, Cat5 and Cat6 cabling both offer high rates of transfer and create a solid connection to all your home’s devices.

Hardwiring your home also eliminates any chance of interference from neighboring wireless routers. The result? Better consistency in your data transfer and improved security because your wireless signal isn’t being broadcast to everyone. Videogaming systems also perform better, with response time speeded up.

Call Now for All Your Computer Cabling Needs

Spyrka Electric is highly qualified to perform the services needed to get things connected at your home or place of business. We will:

  • Evaluate your networking needs and provide an estimate for new installations or upgrades.
  • Quickly, cleanly, and safely install all required computer cabling.
  • Tailor our solutions to fit your specific needs.

From big box stores to restaurants, schools, and home networking projects, our crew of licensed certified cabling installers is ready for any size job and they perform them all with the same high quality service. Our team is trained and certified in all aspects of computer cabling and is familiar with the latest industry standards. When you work with Spyrka, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the best products, design, and installation practices in the North Bay area.

For more information on how upgrading computer cabling can help your network work at peak performance, contact Spyrka Electric by phone, email, or online today. We’re ready to meet all your home and business networking needs!

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