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Every company wants to save money, so we understand it can be tempting to go with the lowest bid for commercial electrical and other operational projects. But when choosing a commercial electrician in Santa Rosa, keep in mind that cost is only one factor that should govern your decision.

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Commercial electrical projects are far too important to risk hiring companies who often use poorly trained electricians to lower their costs. They may also have less-than-adequate insurance and no licensing. A licensed commercial electrician in Santa Rosa (and elsewhere) must, by law, carry workers compensation and liability insurance for accidents and injuries that might occur at your property. These costs of doing business may make a better qualified commercial electrician a little more expensive, but you definitely save in the long run.

When a “Bargain” Commercial Electrician Isn’t a Bargain

Who doesn’t love a bargain? In the complex world of installing commercial building electrical systems, though, a bargain is rarely a bargain at all. The simple truth is that quality doesn’t come cheap. Good commercial electricians know their pricing must be competitive, but they won’t cut quality in order to win a job. Too much rides on the results: your satisfaction and their reputation.

What to Look for in a Commercial Electrician in Santa Rosa

Safe, consistent power is essential for your own business or a commercial building you’re leasing out. Safety and quality issues in the electrical system often translate into functional problems that can force your business to close while repairs are being made or cause a tenant to move out. In a worst case scenario, an electrical failure can create serious damage such as a fire. All these scenarios result in costing you more money.

You also want a commercial electrician who understands the latest building codes which are made up of complex rules and regulations that are constantly changing. Another way you’ll pay by using a non-qualified company is in fines for non-compliance. And on top of that, you’ll pay again to have your electrical system brought up to code.

Talk to a qualified commercial electrician about the two biggest factors that affect the cost of your project: materials and labor.

  • Material costs shouldn’t vary too much from one electrician to the next.
  • Labor costs are another story. Contractors who do simpler jobs like running wire are going to be less costly than skilled and trained electricians who make sure the job is done right and to code.

Spyrka Electric team members are continually trained in the most current commercial electric techniques and technologies in HVAC and lighting systems, fire and life safety, and security and access controls.

Commercial electric work requires an electrician who possesses the experience and skills necessary to successfully complete complex projects at businesses such as yours. Whether you need a commercial electrician to retrofit part of your business or remodel your entire building, choosing the right contractor is one of the most important decisions you make to determine the success of the project.

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