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Businesses have always had to contend with downtime due to electrical problems. Remember those old manual credit card swipers? These days, your livelihood depends on a robust electrical system to power the network, security system, outdoor lighting, and more.

Bring in a commercial electrician to keep things running smoothly if you’ve noticed issues such as short circuits, sparks, overheated outlets, or any of these common commercial electrical problems.

Frequent Power Surges

Electrical Problem

In the blink of an eye, your building loses power. Coworkers look around and ask if anyone else noticed the lights blinking. Most appliances keep on working, but computers and WiFi routers might get reset.

Tired of the frequent downtime? Electrical problems that stop people from doing their job need to be fixed ASAP.

While some power surges come from the utility lines or mother nature, your building might have electrical problems because of large equipment cycling on and off. Air conditioners, elevators, or even the machinery at a nearby business can all be to blame.

Talk to a commercial electrician about adding a surge protector on your service panel, adding dedicated circuits for large appliances, or upgrading your panel.

Buzzing or Flickering Lights

Do employees or customers complain about poor lighting? Buzzing fluorescent lights or flickering light fixtures can be caused by power surges as well as bad wiring, short circuits, a burnt-out light ballast.

Most commonly, overloaded circuits cause lights to flicker. Too many devices use the same circuit, so there’s not enough power. Add a breaker, get a larger panel, or at least check for wiring damage.

Messy or Dangling Wires

While the “industrial” look might work for your business, too many exposed wires and tangled cords look bad. They’re also a potential fire hazard. In some cases, these electrical problems can contribute to interference that disrupts your networking.

A commercial electrician can add outlets to reduce your reliance on extension cords. We can also install cabling and wiring through ceilings or walls.

Tripped Breakers

Need to add more devices to your office? When too high an electrical load runs on one circuit, the breaker trips and shuts off (or the lights flicker). Growing small businesses and offices located in an old home or building are likely to encounter these electrical problems.

Breaker panel service can solve the problem. We can perform a heavy up service upgrade for more power or add a subpanel to give you more circuits. Air conditioners, refrigerators, dishwashers, and computer servers should have their own circuits, of course.

Outdoor Lighting & Security System Outages

When the lights go out on your parking lot lamps or business signage, you might be losing customers. A security system that won’t connect or turn on can be even worse. Outdoor wiring can experience electrical problems due to squirrels, bad weather, and plenty else.

Ask your commercial electrician to install new low-voltage outdoor wiring. Your security video, motion sensor lights, landscape lights, and other outdoor fixtures can run more efficiently and reliably.

In Marin and Sonoma Counties, businesses trust Spyrka Electric for electrical maintenance and installations. From routine inspections to 24-hour emergency repairs, you can always contact us to fix electrical problems at your business.

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