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How much do you know about your home’s electrical panel? Do you know what it’s rated for? Can it handle the growing demand for electricity that today’s devices need?

The kind of electrical panel you have in your home has a big impact on the efficiency of its various electrical systems. If you’re still using a 100 amp electrical panel, now’s a good time to consider upgrading to a 200 amp unit. Here are the advantages for doing so.

More Circuits

Technician wearing gloves and safety gear while inspecting an electrical panel

Not only are 200 amp service panels physically larger than 100 amp models, they also have more circuits, a big advantage in modern homes that use a lot of electricity. Cramming too many systems, devices, and appliances onto a small number of circuits increases the chances of overloading them. An upgraded panel means a safer electrical system, one less likely to spark short circuits and/or fires. This reason alone is enough to upgrade.

Greater Electrical Flow

The amps listed inside your electrical panel determine the maximum amount of power your home can safely use. Each circuit is also rated by amps. If the power demanded by your devices and appliances approaches the amps a circuit is rated for, the circuit breaker trips and shuts down the power to the circuit.

Getting more power makes a lot of sense if you use many modern devices that use electrical power. Computers, gaming systems, smart appliances and more all require more electricity than was needed before. It’s true that modern HVAC systems, washers and dryers, and hot tubs are more energy efficient, but that doesn’t mean they don’t require a good amount of electrical power.

Upgrading to a 200 amp panel makes more electrical power available to your home, further boosting efficiency and effectiveness. It’s also a necessity if you intend to renovate or add on to your existing home.

Other Reasons to Upgrade

Aside from these obvious advantages, you should also consider upgrading your home’s electrical panel if it’s old, has frequent circuit breaker trips, or still uses fuses.

The best way to determine if you need an upgrade is to talk to a qualified licensed, bonded, and insured Santa Rosa residential electrician who’s knowledgeable about and equipped to perform jobs safely and correctly. Whether you’re building new, remodeling, or simply need a power boost, it’s the best way to keep the electricity in your Santa Rosa area home flowing smoothly.

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