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If you only call your electrician when you need to add a light fixture or fix a circuit breaker problem, you are missing out. These days, electricians need to be experts in all things wired. Businesses can save money and improve operations with the help of a commercial electrician who can handle computer cabling, outdoor wiring, and a lot more.

Before we get into the less obvious reasons to hire a commercial electrician, we should note that every home and business should have a licensed pro on speed dial just to keep up with the basics:

  • Replacing dangerous old wiring
  • Updating a fuse box or small breaker panel
  • Avoiding or correcting electrical code violations
  • Installing overhead lights or replacing fluorescent tube lights
  • Hardwiring exit signs, emergency lights, and other commercial electrical requirements

That said, here are areas where a commercial electrician can help improve your bottom line!

Energy Savings for Businesses

Commercial Electrician

If your electrical system is wasting power, a smart electrician can spot this and figure out why. Besides bad habits like leaving lights on or using old light bulbs, a business might be spending a ton on air conditioning because of heat gain from lighting, wiring, and electronics. Ask your commercial electrician about reducing heat gain from wiring and lighting.

Other ways to reduce energy bills include switching to efficient LED lighting for overhead office lights and any outdoor or landscape lighting you have.

Internet Speed and Network Reliability

Don’t just blame your ISP if your business cable services seem slow or prone to disconnect. Interference can mess up the signal and cause a slow network or dropped WiFi connection. A commercial electrician knows which cables and wires can be bundled, which should be kept separate, and how to improve uptime.

If you’re relying on a small router for Wifi, you can also ask your electrician to set up a network with computer cabling so every computer and point-of-sale system can take advantage of the speed you should be getting.

Prevent Business Downtime

When a power outage or electrical hazard prevents people from working, your business loses the wages being paid to everyone there plus the lost income and productivity. Commercial electrical maintenance can help avoid the vast majority of the causes of downtime at a small business.

A commercial electrician can also install an automatic standby generator. This allows power to switch over to the generator when grid power goes down for any reason. Not only can the business stay open, but this can help prevent data loss.

Security Systems and Outdoor Lighting

Any electrician should be able to wire outdoor lighting like sconces and garden lights, but an experienced commercial electrician can also tackle projects like parking lot lighting and security camera wiring.

You don’t necessarily need to pay a fortune to bring in a security specialist to sell you lights and cameras and tell you where to put them. Ask your commercial electrician about their experience in this area. You’ll need a licensed electrician to install the wiring anyway!

Need an electrician for commercial maintenance? Brainstorming ways to improve efficiency at your business? Start at the power source and ask how your electrician can benefit your company. In Santa Rosa and the surrounding area, contact us to schedule an installation, repair, retrofit, or maintenance.

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