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Spyrka Electric help homeowners with all their residential electrical work, from replacing a light switch to upgrading a service panel, from installing a ceiling fan to installing a new home’s wiring. We are the residential electrician Santa Rosa area homeowners have trusted for more than 25 years.


  1. Introduction: Spyrka Electric – Your Local Residential Electrician
  2. Residential Electrical Installations & Upgrades
  3. Residential Lighting Installation & Wiring
  4. Residential Electrical Repairs and Code Corrections
  5. Why Choose Spyrka Electric
  6. How to Contact Spyrka Electric

Introduction: Spyrka Electric – Your Local Residential Electrician

residential electrician servicesSmart and honest solutions with friendly service—it’s what every homeowner in the North Bay wants when they need an electrician.

For more than 25 years, we has served the Sonoma County area as the residential electrician who can tend to any job, large or small. From minor electrical repairs such as fixing a dead outlet to major upgrades like a breaker panel replacement, we offer brilliant expertise and fine workmanship, with a customer-first attitude.

Spyrka Electric is your licensed, insured, and experienced home electrician for new installations, upgrades, repairs, code corrections, and more. We’ll get your home wired neatly and powered up safely.

We cover all aspects of residential electrician services in Santa Rosa. We’ll repair your circuit breaker or add a light switch, and we can also provide complete design and wiring services for outdoor lighting, internet cabling, backup generators, or a full-fledged remodeling project.

We happily offer expert advice and free estimates with competitive pricing. Spyrka Electric aims to become your preferred residential electrician for all the services you’ll ever need. Discover how pleasant, fast, and affordable it can be to get the best electrician in Santa Rosa—call or contact us today!

Besides our long track record of outstanding service, we’ve also proudly earned countless 5-star customer reviews on Facebook, Yelp, and Google. You’ll love what your North Bay neighbors have to say about our residential electrician services!

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Residential Electrician for Installations & Upgrades

In today’s world, we all use more electricity than ever before. Keep the power flowing smoothly with help from a residential electrician whenever you are building, remodeling, or making home improvements.

We make electrical upgrades and wiring installations that last for decades with very little maintenance. You can get the home electrical services you need now, while also future-proofing your North Bay home.

residential electrical upgrades and repairsSpyrka Electric takes a consultative approach with our clients, offering neighborly advice and professional recommendations. From new construction electrical work to replacing old circuits and panels, our goal is to install electrical systems that make your home safer and more enjoyable.

Do you have a historic or vintage home in the North Bay? Making changes to the electrical system might sound daunting—you don’t want the walls disturbed too much, and you want to preserve the character of the house. Spyrka Electric respects your home and property. We’ll do everything it takes to modernize your wiring and electrical components without taking away from the aesthetics you love.

Our residential electricians are available for installations and upgrades in homes, apartments, and rental properties. Popular services include:

Electrical installations for new construction: Let us handle the rough-in wiring and electrical panel installation for your new home or addition. We make sure you get the right size and type of breaker panel, strong and safe wiring, and the perfect placement for all outlets, switches, and light fixtures.

Electrical panel replacement: Does your electrical panel look burnt or appear to have rust damage? Old panels may also have bad connections, the wrong sizes of breakers or wires, or even improper grounding. Panel replacement will improve both safety and convenience.

Service panel upgrades: Do you have a breaker that trips frequently, or do you need more open breaker slots to add a new circuit? Ask an electrician about a panel upgrade. Overloading a circuit can damage the wiring, harm your appliances, or spark a fire. Spyrka Electric can install al larger electrical panel, and we can also coordinate a service upgrade from the utility—increasing the amount of maximum power you draw to meet modern energy needs.

Sub-panel installation: Our residential electricians can give your home the power it needs, and the means to control it easily, with a new sub-panel. If your main panel has a tangled web of wires or several tandem breakers, use a sub-panel to relocate or add circuits. A sub-panel installation also makes it possible to control a guest house, workshop, or rental unit separately from the main house.

Kitchen remodeling electrical work: Partner up with Spyrka Electric as your electrical contractor for kitchen remodeling, Whether you’re a DIY aficionado or hiring a builder, it’s best to let a licensed electrician handle tasks like adding wiring or moving outlets. We can also install dedicated circuits for your new kitchen appliances and wire recessed lights or track lighting.

Bathroom remodeling electrical work: Any wiring around plumbing needs to be protected with proper materials and GFCI. Bring in a residential electrician early in the process before any tile gets laid. Nobody wants to find out too late that their bathroom remodel needs to be re-done because of an electrical code violation.

Wiring installation for audio/video: From security systems to home theaters and offices, an electrician is your best choice for installing A/V wiring. Spyrka Electric brings you deep expertise in cabling and wiring for high-speed, 4K, crystal-clear voice and video without interference.

Wiring for cable, internet, and phone systems: Upgrade to in-wall cabling and wiring for internet and home networking, and enjoy the best speeds and reliability. Our residential electricians can install professional-grade Cat5 cabling systems and other home networking systems of your choice. Perfect for setting up a smart home, eliminating Wi-Fi dead zones, and decluttering your home office and entertainment center.

Installing extra electrical outlets and light switches: Relying on power strips and extension cords too much can be dangerous. Add electrical outlets safely with the help of a licensed electrician for proper wiring and to ensure your circuits are not overloaded by new appliances being plugged in. While we’re at it, we can move or add light switches, including three-way switches and switches that control the outlets in a room.

Backup generator installation: The next time a storm or utility problem causes a power outage, wouldn’t it be nice to have a generator with an automatic transfer switch? Besides keeping the lights on, a backup generator lets you run the refrigerator, security system, television, and any other devices you deem necessary. A residential electrician can install a standby generator with more power and better reliability than the portable kind.

Whole-home surge protection: Did you know that most power surges occur within the home, rather than due to lightning strikes or grid problems? Your home and appliances need surge protection more than ever these days. A whole-house surge protector attaches to the breaker panel and provides a first line of defense that can save you thousands by preventing damage to televisions, computers, kitchen appliances, and more.

Start with a free estimate for electrical installations to get advice from our licensed electricians. Spyrka Electric saves you time, money, and stress by making your home improvements up to code and ready for years of dependable power.

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Electricians for Lighting Installation & Wiring

Lighting is the most integral function of your home electrical system. Most builders only install a few basic overhead lights. As your residential electrician for lighting installations, we can customize your home with task lighting, ambient lighting, and accent lighting. We also install low-voltage landscape lighting as well as security lighting and other specialty light fixtures.

Spyrka Electric works diligently to install overhead lighting in Santa Rosa homes with impeccable workmanship—so there’s little disruption to your routine, and we leave you with a clean installation that looks beautiful.

We take care of the entire lighting installation project from start to finish. This might include adding circuits, wiring a new junction box, installing light switches and dimmers, and carefully measuring to make sure each fixture gets installed in exactly the right places.

residential electrical wiringOur lighting electricians in Santa Rosa understand the art and science of great lighting design and wiring for both indoor and outdoor fixtures:

  • Overhead lighting
  • Recessed lighting
  • Accent lighting
  • Track lighting
  • Dimmer switches
  • Smart home lighting
  • Landscape & outdoor lighting
  • Security lighting
  • Swimming pool lighting
  • And more!

Get the best looking results and reliable, safe power for your lighting installations in Santa Rosa by asking a licensed electrician to do the job. Spyrka Electric wows our customers with high-quality work for light fixture wiring and installation of all kinds:

Security lighting: We offers years of experience in designing and installing home security lighting and video monitoring systems. Spyrka Electric offers on-site consultations for security wiring to help you decide where are the best places to put security lights and cameras. It’s important to let a professional electrician do the work, so you count on the security system when it matters most! We can install low-voltage wiring, motion sensors, timers, light fixtures, and more.

Outdoor lighting: Elevate your curb appeal with landscape lighting. Turn the patio or outdoor living area into a round-the-clock escape for dining and relaxing. You just need a qualified residential electrician with experience installing outdoor wiring. We can install low-voltage transformers, buried cables, and all kinds of energy-efficient and dependable outdoor lighting for security and fun.

Ceiling fan installation: If you don’t have a ceiling fan in the living areas you use most, you are probably paying too much for air conditioning. Installing a ceiling fan takes more than one person and typically involves adding and wiring a junction box. We can quickly replace a ceiling fan or overhead light fixture, or add one from scratch.

Accent lighting & artwork lighting: Illuminate your favorite paintings, portraits, and architectural features with professionally installed accent lighting by Spyrka Electric. After a design consultation, our lighting experts will bring your vision to life with sconce lights, pin spotlights, track lighting, or modern LED picture lighting.

Recessed lighting & track lighting: Modern homes enjoy beautiful illumination with clean design thanks to recessed can lights and track lights. Perfect for living rooms, game rooms, kitchens, and throughout the home, these lights offer a fresh alternative to the typical overhead lighting. Recessed lights can make ceilings seem higher, while track lights offer versatility for area lighting, accent lighting, and more.

Swimming pool & hot tub lighting: Since water and electricity don’t mix, it’s crucial to have a licensed electrician install any swimming pool lights. Santa Rosa homeowners can expect the best quality installation and fantastic aesthetics from our pool and hot tub lighting services. From in-ground lights around the pool deck to area lighting for patio furniture, we’ll ensure you get safe, reliable, and stylish lighting for evenings by the pool or hot tub.

Whether you already have your light fixtures in hand, or you need help with lighting design, you can contact us to get started on the next steps.

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Residential Electrical Repairs and Code Corrections

When you need electrical repairs in Santa Rosa, you want a professional who can do the job quickly and correctly. You also want a residential electrician who cares about your safety. Spyrka Electric protects your family and home by making repairs and removing electrical code violations that could be putting you in danger of shock or fire hazards.

?Buying or selling a home is also a great time to request a visit from your residential electrician. Address electrical code violations as soon as possible to prevent problems with inspectors, insurance companies, and the closing process. Spyrka Electric uses decades of experience to spot problems, make affordable and fast repairs, and ensure the home is fully code-compliant.

Contact our residential electricians if you live in Sonoma County and have noticed electrical problems such as:

  • Dead wall outlets, loose outlets, or outlets that feel hot to the touch
  • Not enough outlets in a room or too many extension cords needed
  • Breakers that trip constantly
  • Flickering lights or dim lights when an appliance runs
  • Humming, buzzing, or overheating at the breaker panel
  • Original wiring and service panel still present in an older home
  • Haphazard or DIY electrical repairs that seem dangerous
  • Frayed wires, damaged wiring, or unprofessional-looking electrical work from years past

Some of the most common reasons to call a residential electrician for code violation removal include:

Missing GFCI protection: The electrical code requires ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protection most anywhere outdoors or near water. This includes the kitchen and bathrooms as well as laundry rooms, wet bars, basements, crawl spaces, and the garage. Spyrka Electric can conduct a quick audit to protect your home and bring things up to code with GFCI outlets and breakers.

Circuit breaker replacement: When a circuit breaker trips for seemingly no reason, don’t ignore the problem. There might be a short circuit, overheated wires, or a broken breaker switch. Ask a residential electrician to replace a circuit breaker that looks damaged or feels hot to the touch. We can also install arc fault (AFCI) breakers, which are required for living spaces to help prevent fire.

Ungrounded wires: Wondering if you need to update from two-pronged outlets to three-pronged outlets? For safety’s sake, all your outlets should be grounded. Most circuits need to connect to the neutral grounding bus. Light switches were almost never grounded in the past, but adding a ground wire improves safety and may be necessary for smart home functions. If you have two-pronged outlets or don’t see grounding wires, talk to a residential electrician for an inspection.

Overloaded circuits: If your home has flickering lights or tripping breakers, you’re practically playing with fire. Other symptoms of overloaded circuits include excess heat, buzzing sounds, burning smells, or melting or scorched marks on outlets or breakers. For an isolated problem, you might simply move an appliance to another room. However, there’s a good chance you need to replace some wiring or upgrade the service panel.

Aluminum wiring replacement: Decades ago, aluminum wiring was the norm because it was much less expensive than copper. Over time, aluminum wires can degrade and cause a fire hazard due to old age and bad connections. Spyrka Electric excels at retrofitting for aluminum wiring so you don’t need to rewire the whole house. If you prefer (or your insurance company insists), we can replace all aluminum wiring in a relatively fast, simple process.

Knob-and-tube wiring replacement: Older homes may have knob-and-tube electrical wiring still in place. Although this system was perfectly safe when it was stalled, by now your wiring is probably missing insulation, worn out, and incapable of meeting today’s power demands safely. Replacing knob-and-tube wiring is even more urgent than replacing aluminum. Ask a residential electrician to install a new breaker panel and replace the circuits.

Spliced wire connections: When two lengths of wire need to get spliced, a proper connector should be used and the splice should get covered within a junction box. Open spliced wires in the attic or elsewhere are a major electrical code violation due to shock and fire risk. Call your Santa Rosa residential electricians immediately.

Fuse box to circuit breaker conversion: Even if a fuse box seems to work fine, homeowners are better off installing a circuit breaker panel as soon as possible. Fuse boxes have become obsolete and old enough that you should really get an electrical wiring inspection. Flipping a breaker is a lot more convenient than replacing blown fuses, too. Should you sell the home, you’ll have an easier time with buyers and inspectors if you’ve replaced the fuse box with a breaker panel.

We offer electrical repairs and often have same-day appointments available whenever you need a residential electrician. Call (707) 523-3155 or use our online contact form to schedule a visit.

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Why Choose Spyrka Electric as Your North Bay Residential Electrician?

north bay electrician focusing on sonoma and napa countiesEvery homeowner should have an electrician on-call. Someone they feel confident about calling for small repairs and important installations alike. For decades now, people throughout Sonoma  County have found their answer in Spyrka Electric.

We take pride in delivering professional-grade quality and fantastic customer service on every job. We work hard and we work quickly, but we never cut corners. As your residential electrician, we pledge to provide nothing but the simplest repairs and best installations.

Scott Spyrka will be happy to answer your questions and provide an upfront quote for home electrical installations and replacements. Either Scott or another of our talented electricians will show up on time for the appointment, listen to your concerns and answer your questions, and then complete the work up to code and with lasting quality.

Simply put, we are the residential electricians that the North Bay can trust to do the job right the first time.

  • Free estimates available
  • Competitive pricing
  • Licensed, insured electricians
  • More than 25 years of experience
  • Local, family-owned and operated
  • Knowledgeable about the latest codes and technologies

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Contact Our Residential Electricians Today

For all your current needs, Spyrka Electric has a solution. From prompt electrical repairs to masterful planning of all new wiring and upgrades, we make it easy to get affordable, high-quality work from a licensed residential electrician in the North Bay area.

Call us anytime at (707) 523-3155 for an emergency repair, or complete this form to contact us online to schedule an appointment or request an estimate for home electrical repair or installation in Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, or the greater Sonoma County area.

Need a residential electrician in the Santa Rosa area now?

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