"Spyrka Electric ~ For All Your Current Needs"


Commercial-Retail-Property-ManagementSpyrka Electric has been a commercial electrician for public buildings, retail space and property management companies for over 25 years. Spyrka Electric is accustomed to working closely with designers, architects, and general contractors throughout the process. If you are a retailer, we can help you to showcase their merchandise in just the right light. Finding great commercial electricians can be a challenge, click below to find out why Spyrka Electric is the best choice for your commercial electrician needs.

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Residential-ServicesElectrical panel, electrical outlets, or light switches: until one of them malfunctions, most don’t give these systems much thought. These silent workhorses are expected to keep electricity flowing, electrical appliances operating, and lights shining.  As your residential electrician, Spyrka Electric will see to it that your electrical job is done properly, on time, and up to code. So whether you need an Electric Vehicle Charging Station or a simple light switch repair, Spyrka Electric is ready to help.

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Air Conditioning Repair At some point, everyone needs a good electrician. And when you do, Spyrka Electric is here for you. Spyrka Electric get the job done on time, on budget, and will leave you with peace of mind knowing your home or office is safe because the electrical work is done right. Spyrka Electric is fully equipped to take care of all your electrical repairs.

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