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You’ve probably heard that LED lighting provides significant energy savings. But this thrifty alternative to traditional incandescent and compact fluorescent light bulbs is also:

  • A more rugged choice over thin glass.
  • More environmentally sound as it doesn’t use toxic substances such as mercury.
  • A more flexible product, able to be placed in areas conventional lighting cannot.

These advantages make LEDs a good replacement light source, but their true potential lies in transforming light technology itself. Here are just some of the exciting trends taking place in LED lighting as well as what the future of the technology holds.

The More Light the Merrier

LED Lighting in Kitchen

Because LED lights are longer-lasting than traditional choices, people are adding a lot more fixtures to their homes. And with no concern for replacing light bulbs, they’re finding creative ways to use them. Ropes of LEDs line stairways and bookshelves and are mounted under kitchen cabinets and islands. Stick-up versions brighten dark corners and illuminate closets.

Smart Technology Takes Center Stage

Along with other smart features like home networking, fixtures are now using more smart technology. For example, traditional switches are being replaced by LED light fixtures that can be monitored and controlled from your mobile device. Setting the mood has never been easier.

Lighting That’s Good for Your Health

LED lighting comes in a wide range of colors which means you can create any light environment you desire. Want a nice warm sunrise when it’s chilly outside? LEDs can do that. As the technology advances, scientists believe they’ll also be able to create conditions that allow people to improve their concentration and sleeping patterns. All good news for your body and mind!

Light Up the Garden

Outdoor LED lighting has taken landscape design by storm. It’s a great way to dress up the yard, highlighting plantings and architectural details like ponds and fountains. It’s also a cost-effective way to illuminate pathways, flood a dark entryway, or add attractive lighting to fences, decks, and pergolas.

What’s Next in LED Lighting?

LED lighting has been used for decades, but recent exciting developments make it an innovative and attractive choice for many homeowners. Two exciting things to look for include continued breakthroughs in color tuning and better cooling through running LEDs in reverse, an advancement which could lead to improvements in wearables and mobile devices. Also look for the development of fixtures that mimic retro and vintage designs while offering all the efficiency LED lights bring.

Your Best Source of LED Lighting in Santa Rosa

Whether you’re remodeling or just looking to update your current lighting, hiring a professional and licensed electrician keeps your project on time and on budget. It also ensures the work is done in the safest manner possible.

Ready to convert your Santa Rosa area home’s lighting to LED? The skilled technicians at Spyrka Electric are experienced in installing both indoor and outdoor LED lighting. They also bring you the highest quality electrical services and offer a hassle-free professional lighting installation experience. To learn more about our friendly, family-owned electrical services company, contact us by email or online today or give us a call at 707.829.3516.

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