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Did you know there are about 45,000 home fires involving electrical failure per year? The good news is that number has dropped steadily for the past three decades. The bad news is they still cause about the same number of deaths—500—that they always have.

An electrical system is crucial to running a home but because most of it is hidden out-of-sight behind outlets and walls, most of us forget about it until something goes wrong. It’s important, though, to keep your system in good condition. One of the best ways to do that is by having routine home electrical inspections performed. You’ll catch problems early on and resolve them before they turn into huge issues.

Aside from when they’re buying a home, there are two main times people tend to get electrical inspections done: routine assessments and when problems arise.

Routine Electrical Inspection

Electrician performing an electrical inspection

If you live in a new home, you can usually have a whole-home professional electrical system inspection performed about once every 10 years or so. Older homes, especially those with original wiring, may need inspections every three to five years.

During a typical inspection, a residential electrician assesses the safety and function of important components like electrical panels and wiring. They may also check to see that your electrical panel is sufficient enough to support your home’s electrical needs. If not, they may recommend an upgrade.

The electrician uses a comprehensive checklist that ensures the inspection complies with local and state safety codes. Outlet covers may be removed in order to get better insight into how your home’s been wired. Switches are also inspected, and the electrician will check to make sure that GFCI outlets are installed in the kitchen, bathrooms, and any other space located near sources of water.

When Electrical Problems Appear

Along with routine inspections you’ll want to call out a professional if you notice any signs of electrical trouble:

  • Flickering lights may be a fault in the fixture but they’re usually a sign that a circuit is overloaded.
  • It’s usual for a new appliance to give off a strange smell when you first use it, but if the odor continues, there may be a fault in the system.
  • If your switches or sockets give off heat, do not use them until an electrician has checked them out.
  • If circuit breakers regularly trip, talk to your electrician about whether you should upgrade your panel.
  • Loose connections or faulty wiring may cause buzzing or humming noises.
  • Sparking of any type is not normal and a potential fire hazard.

You may also want to get an inspection done if you remodel, renovate, or add on to your home.

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Whether you need a panel upgrade, are remodeling, or are concerned your home may have some faulty wiring, Spyrka Electric can perform an electrical inspection to put your mind at ease. We’ve been performing inspections, upgrades, repairs, and installations for Santa Rosa CA homeowners for over 25 years.

Our residential electrical inspections are designed to detect the smallest issues and get them fixed before they turn into huge problems. Our courteous and skilled technicians respect both you and your home and provide exceptional electrical services of the highest quality.

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