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Outdoor lighting is usually thought of in terms of enhancing a home’s architectural features, highlighting plantings, and lighting up walkways. Landscape lighting, though, can not only boost your home’s nighttime curb appeal, it can also increase the property’s safety and security.

Outdoor Lighting for Security

White Outdoor Lights placed in walkways outside home

A home’s garage is a perfect example of where outdoor lighting can help increase security and create balance with landscaping lighting. Security lights used around the garage deter thieves and also showcase what is often one of a home’s most prominent architectural details. Many people choose coach lights or high-mounted security lights for their garage but consider uplights as well as they create a warmer welcoming.

Other safety and security lighting ideas include:

  • Entryways. The ability to see clearly who’s at your door at night brings increased peace of mind. When you’re away from home, outdoor entryway lighting illuminates people who approach your front door creating a clearer image for security cameras. Good exterior lighting for entry points also makes any steps or uneven pavement safer and easier to navigate.
  • Paths. Create a trail of lights leading to the front door and/or down a side path to the home’s rear entry. Concentrated sprays of light that shine directly onto the path make it easier to see where you’re going. Just be sure to not overdo path lights or you’ll end up with a airport runway look! Downlights strategically placed on the house or in nearby trees have a wider spread that gives off a softer light.
  • Dark areas. All vulnerable areas of your home’s exterior should be lit to deter intruders. Up, down, and path lights accent the beauty of your home while adding security. If your home is located on a corner lot, consider adding additional lights on the unfenced sides that face the street. Uplighting trees adds some nice ambient light and smaller downlights tucked under eaves illuminate shadowy corners.

Tips for Outdoor Security Lighting

Outdoor lighting placed on timers makes your home look occupied even when no one is home. Want even smarter outdoor lighting? Whether you want color-changing lights or motion-activated ones that sync with your security system, there are now a host of products to choose from:

  • Smart bulbs, including ones that can be remotely operated from your phone or via Bluetooth. LED lighting in also now a popular outdoor choice.
  • Smart switches with support for a variety of platforms and voice assistants.
  • Smart fixtures that come equipped with security lights and cameras in one device.

Finding the Perfect Balance

When it comes to outdoor lighting for safety and security, visibility should always be the goal. Directing light down where it’s most useful can be your best option. No matter which lighting design you choose, effective lighting that helps people be and feel safe is a win-win situation. Lights that don’t create glare, are installed on timers and dimmer switches, and use just the right amount of illumination guarantee an outdoor lighting strategy that is both secure and beautiful.

Ready to learn more about how outdoor lighting can be functional and attractive while safeguarding your Sonoma County property and family? Contact us today for more terrific outdoor security lighting ideas designed to make your home safe or to schedule a home electrical inspection.

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