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When designing a security lighting system, you want to feel safe and be safe—without making your home look like a fortress or prison. Walk around your property at night to get a sense of where you need illumination, then talk with a lighting electrician about wiring and installing new security lighting. The results should be as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional.

Start with Area Lighting and Wash Lights

Security Lighting

Good lighting techniques that you would use in a living space also apply outdoors. Mix layers to create security lighting that works in multiple ways and in various levels of darkness.

Area landscape lighting and house wash lights provide a soft level of illumination with many benefits:

  • Better lighting for curb appeal
  • More pleasant environment for outdoor fun
  • Less light pollution and glare
  • Won’t bother your neighbors or passing cars
  • More attractive option for security lighting

Avoid the Harsh Spotlights

You’ll still want floodlights or spotlights as part of your security lighting. What you don’t want is harsh beams that hurt your eyes and create unwanted shadows. After all, a burglar could just hide in the darkness if your security lights consist of nothing but motion-sensor floodlights placed sporadically.

In place of narrow spotlights, look for wide angle floodlights in a relatively warm hue. Then, work with your electrician to design them into your security lighting so that ambient light and floodlights overlap and eliminate shadows.

Upgrade to Energy-Efficient, Automatic Security Lighting

If your security lights were installed more than a few years ago, energy costs were probably much lower and technology was far behind. Today, we have motion sensor lighting and security cameras, including those integrated with smart home apps. You can even get a floodlight with a hidden security camera inside of it.

To install low-energy outdoor lighting, you’ll need an electrician to set up a low-voltage transformer and properly bury the wires. Minuscule energy bills and long-lasting LED bulbs make modern security lighting more affordable and lower-maintenance than ever. Options include:

  • LED floodlights and landscape lighting
  • Motion-sensor security lighting
  • Timer or dusk-to-dawn lighting
  • Solar security lights with backup

Include Your Interior Lighting

While security lighting most often refers to exterior and landscape lighting, your indoor lights also play a role. Consider options such as timer lightsfor the foyer, mudroom, and other areas of the home besides your bedrooms. 

Keep a few energy-efficient LED lights on overnight or at least while you’re on vacation, so the house doesn’t look empty and vulnerable.

Security Lighting for Your Own Safety

In addition to deterring unwanted intruders, exterior lighting should make your property safer and more usable at night. Do you feel uncomfortable taking out the trash or letting out the dog at night? Do you rely on your cellphone’s flashlight feature just to get from the car to the house?

Path lights, tree lights, and motion-activated entryway lights all help improve your comfort without having to rely on excessive security lighting. Contact us for more information.

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