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From the warm glow of your living room to the bright display of a front-yard Christmas light spectacle, you can get the best effects with LED lighting. Energy efficiency and low maintenance make LEDs even more compelling.

You can simply replace the old light bulbs or CFLs in many lamps and overhead light fixtures with LED lighting. For new lighting schemes and outdoor lighting, ask an electrician to set up the wiring and install the LED fixtures.

LED lighting comes with a few unique considerations that should be addressed by a licensed electrician:

  • Load calculation for LEDs
  • Circuit wiring for recessed LED lighting, kitchen lighting, etc.
  • Low-voltage transformers for outdoor and landscape lighting
  • LED drivers for dimmer switches and overhead fixtures
  • Timers and motion sensor lighting
  • And more

Why You Should Use LEDs for Ambient Lighting, Landscape Lighting, Christmas Lights, & More

LED Lighting Indoors and outdoors, LED lighting stands out as the no-brainer, perfect choice for several reasons:

  • Energy savings of about 75% compared to incandescent lights—they’re even more efficient than halogen.
  • Long lifespan often up to 25,000 hours or more. That’s about a decade of overnight use for outdoor LED lighting.
  • Works in cold weather unlike most fluorescent types, so you can expect cheerful holiday decor and safe outdoor lighting all winter.
  • Works with dimmers, timers, motion sensors, and smart homes. Your electrician can wire your LED lighting to perform how you want it to.
  • Bold, beautiful colors and temperatures. Design a white Christmas with LED lighting, enjoy the soft warmth of a natural yellow light, or illuminate the house and yard with red, green, and other colors.

Ideas for LED Lighting Design

Among the most popular uses for outdoor LEDs are floodlights, path lights, garden lights, and security lighting. Before Santa and your relatives come to visit this year, upgrade your outdoor lighting for safety and style!

Once your electrician has wired the low-voltage transformer and installed LED outdoor lights around the house and yard, you can easily plug in holiday lighting. Enjoy red and green Christmas lights, blue and white Hanukkah lights, or a custom LED lighting design to showcase your landscaping. After the season, you can store the color LED lights and use your favorite shade of white or natural hue LED bulbs.

Use LED floodlights to wash the house in color, and you can skip the dangerous task of climbing on the roof to attach string lights!

Indoors, we suggest installing LED recessed lights or can lighting for better ambient lighting that doesn’t waste overhead space. Under-cabinet LED strip lights make kitchen prep a breeze. You can even go all-out with LED lighting for guest bedrooms that run on motion sensors so your holiday guests don’t run up your electric bill.

Give yourself the gift of modernizing the home this year. We can perform any winter electrical upgrades you need!

Contact us to schedule an estimate for lighting installation and LED landscape lighting design in the Santa Rosa area.

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