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Most people think of motion sensor lighting as part of a security system, but the technology has a wide range of applications to make life easier. You can replace overhead fixtures with motion-activated lights or wire new fixtures for better safety and hands-free illumination wherever you need it!

Today’s motion sensor lighting typically uses LEDs for high efficiency and long lifespan. With a hardwired light, there are no batteries to replace.

Here, we’ll look at some of the most popular and alternative ways to use motion sensor lighting.

Outdoor and Landscape Lighting

Motion Sensor LightingYou can use timers to automatically turn on outdoor lighting at night, but motion sensor lighting does an even better job of saving energy and avoiding light pollution. Get a local electrician to install the infrared sensors in strategic places, and you can have the driveway and walkway lights come on when you or guests arrive.

As Part of Home Security

When lights are always on, would-be intruders can look for shadowy areas. Motion sensor security lighting is more likely to startle a burglar and make them leave entirely. While a lot of break-ins occur at the main entry doors, any ground-floor window is also a target. Enhance your security with motion sensors that activate lights all around the perimeter of the home.

In the Closet and Pantry

Motion sensor lighting works wonderfully for closets and pantries for two reasons: you often have things in your hands when going in and out, and the lights often get left on accidentally. Replace those old light bulbs with motion-activated fixtures that turn off after a period of inactivity.

In the Garage

Your garage door opener probably has a light that turns on automatically when in use, but that doesn’t help when you need to fetch something or do some work in the garage. Add some motion sensor lighting to make coming and going safer and more convenient.

Guest Bedrooms

We’ve all had the experience of waking up in a friend or relative’s home feeling a little discombobulated. Do your guests a favor by adding motion sensor lighting near the guest bedroom door, the guest bathrooms, powder room, and hallway that leads to their area.

Outdoor Kitchens & Living Areas

Consider all the options for more outdoor lighting for entertaining. You’ve gotten out of the pool to head to the outdoor wet bar. You need to turn on the hot tub. Party guests want to mingle on the patio. Hands-free lighting makes it all easy to entertain and safe for guests.

Other Creative Uses for Motion Sensor Lighting

We’ve helped customers add motion sensors for a wide variety of ingenious purposes, such as turning on lights when teenagers come home after curfew or triggering a dimmer light in the bathroom for middle-of-the-night visits.

Think about all the times when you wish you didn’t have to hit the lights or the places where you forget to turn them off, and wiring new motion sensor lighting can help!

Motion sensor installation can involve adding wiring or circuits, replacing fixtures, or putting in low-voltage landscape lighting. Ask a licensed electrician to make any alterations to your interior or exterior lighting system.

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