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Wondering if a handyman or building super can handle the electrical work at your office? Commercial wiring runs on different voltage and uses different materials than the wiring inside your home. You should always hire a commercial electrician in Santa Rosa to provide fast and affordable work without any problems down the road.

To illustrate, let’s look at what a commercial electrician in Santa Rosa will know how to do better than a random handyman or even a residential electrician.

Commercial Electrical Wiring

Commercial Electrician in Santa Rosa The power in a commercial building not only uses different sizes and types of materials, but the wiring carries a different voltage load.

Imagine taking a foreign car to a mechanic who only works on Fords. They won’t have the right parts on hand. Their lack of experience will make troubleshooting take longer. Similarly, a residential electrician does not necessarily know their way around when it comes to commercial electrical maintenance.

A commercial electrician in Santa Rosa will ensure that you have sufficient power for the lights, air conditioning, security system, and the massive power draw of a local network. By using the correct gages of wiring, breaker types, and protective sheathing, you can use that power safely.

Tasks that Call for a Commercial Electrician in Santa Rosa

Your business needs to know an electrician to call in Santa Rosa for all the little things like dead outlets, fluorescent light replacement, and the occasional breaker box replacement. A commercial electrician in Santa Rosa can ensure those fixtures are wired up to code, as well as take care of specialty tasks:

  • Electrical build-outs: New commercial wiring installation, finishing out an office or warehouse, or otherwise adding new electrical to a business site.
  • Apartment building electrical service: Although it’s a residential building, you want a commercial electrician in Santa Rosa to replace a breaker panel or install wiring for multi-family housing.
  • Network wiring: Ask your electrician for help wiring Cat6 ethernet cabling, structured cabling, or any other computer cabling. Cables and electrical wires need to be sized right and kept separate to avoid interference.
  • Commercial electrical inspections: Avoid costly building code violations and the downtime that comes with having to make changes after the fact; make sure your Santa Rosa electrician specializes in commercial jobs.
  • Security systems and emergency lighting: Proper installation ensures that these systems work when really needed.
  • Outdoor and parking lot lighting: An experienced commercial electrician in Santa Rosa can install low-voltage wiring for landscape lighting, lamp posts, motion sensor lights, and any other outdoor wiring needs.

The next time you need commercial electrical repairs, don’t put your office manager or landlord in the risky position of trying to DIY it. Get in touch with the trusted commercial electrician in Santa Rosa and enjoy better safety and reliability with all the power you need.