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Motion-Sensor Security Lighting Deters Crime Spyrka Electric Santa RosaIt’s a fact: outdoor security lighting helps prevent burglaries and other property crimes. When criminals are scouting out locations, they will always skip the houses protected by security systems.

Motion-sensor systems do the best job of both scaring off criminals and catching them in the act. If a criminal trespasses onto your property, they get the unwanted surprise of their own spotlight! With continuous lighting, a criminal can just stay in the shadows without getting caught.

Here’s why advanced security lighting with motion sensors will provide the best protection for your family and property:

Security Lighting Gives Full Coverage

Motion-sensor security lighting lets you discreetly place lights for full coverage.  Instead of just spotting the entryways and walkways, you can have lights that turn on individually and provide full 360º coverage. First-floor windows are one of the most common break-in points.

Of course, you could light up your entire property with standard lights that run all night long, but then you’d be wasting electricity and creating an annoying amount of light.


Many homeowners install basic security lighting without motion-sensors, and end up helping the would-be criminals! If the lights are already on, they know which locations to avoid — and actually see better so they can break in more easily.

Security Lighting Can Identify Criminals

The surprise factor is a big benefit with motion-sensor lights. If the intruders think the property is unlit and then get stunned when they trigger the security lighting, you (or neighbors) have a better chance of getting a clear view of the suspect.

Don’t believe what television crime shows teach us. The police can rarely recover clues from fingerprints or traces of clothing fibers, especially when dealing with a simple break-in attempt. Without a description, catching criminals becomes a nearly impossible task.

Motion Sensors Conserve Energy

Motion sensors require very little electricity. Combine that with the extreme energy savings compared to running nights all night long, and smart security lighting uses a fraction as much as standard outdoor lights.

While you’re saving money by minimizing energy usage, you’ll also save money by replacing light bulbs less often. Instead of dawn to dusk, why not only use security lighting when the motion sensor activates?

Motion-activated lights also help homeowners on a nightly basis, like taking out the trash. If you’ve got teenagers sneaking in and out of the house, the light system can catch them, too!

For efficient lighting that rescues you when you need it, there really isn’t a better method of security lighting than a professionally designed and installed motion-sensor light system.

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