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A smart home network makes it possible to connect and control multiple devices that share information and help make you and your family’s life a whole lot easier. Setting one up in your own home can eliminate Wi-Fi dead zones, streamline your entertainment systems, and transform the way you live.

Home Network

Benefits of a Home Network

While they used to be reserved for people who worked at home, today computer networks have become a necessity for everyone. Networking your home brings a lot of benefits to the table:

  • Reduced costs. Older electrical systems like those found in historic and vintage homes in the North Bay are not wired to accommodate the demands of the multiple electronic devices a typical household uses today. Updating to a more efficient system is a smart, economical choice that will save you money on your utility bills and eliminate the frustration of not being able to use devices where and when you want.
  • More flexibility. Sharing information over a network between computers, printers, and other devices is much faster, more convenient, and less expensive than using USB drives. You can quickly share documents, photos, music, and more with multiple people and devices and do more frequent backups to protect your valuable data and memories.
  • Increased reliability. Newer home networks have better connectivity and deliver greater speed than ones from just a few years ago.
  • Better security. Older networks can be difficult to secure and often lack the features needed to protect your connection, information, and devices. An updated network helps thwart cyber attackers intent on stealing your data.

Wired or Wireless Home Networking?

Streaming video, smarts TVs, desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and gaming stations are just some of the devices now common in most households. Add smart doorbells, security cameras, lighting, appliances, whole-house audio, and smart speakers or digital assistants like Alexa or Siri and it’s clear to see why setting up a network is a wise move.

The more devices you connect to your network and try to use at the same time, the greater the chance you’ll have performance issues. So while wireless is popular and convenient, a wired connection is a faster, more reliable and secure system that consistently delivers the power you need. Cat5 cabling is most frequently used, but Cat6 and Cat7 cabling often offer better performance.

It’s true that new home builds have the luxury of open walls which makes wiring much easier and installing a wired home network in an existing property can require opening up some walls. But a skilled professional electrician can help keep disruption to a minimum, even relying on existing wires in the home whenever possible.

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Smart homes are not just a future dream—they’re here today. Upgrading to a new home network is a smart decision that delivers faster internet speeds, more reliable connections, and the ability to access the internet in areas of the house that were once dead zones.

Ready to get started on building a home network of your own? Spyrka Electric has served Sonoma and Marin County area homes for over 25 years, offering our customers personalized service and fine workmanship on every electrical job we do.

Whether you’re building a new home or making improvements and upgrades to an existing one, we’re committed to providing reliable solutions to your specific electrical needs. To learn more about to get the home network that best suits your family’s lifestyle, contact us by phone, email, or online. We’re here to meet all your home networking needs!

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