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If you don’t love ceiling fans already, you probably have not had the experience of picking one out for yourself and having it installed by a professional. Most people who think they don’t want a ceiling fan are imagining a wobbly, annoying thing that came with the home.

Find a ceiling fan that suits your style and provides the benefits you want—better comfort, lower energy bills, and more lighting options.

Also, don’t ruin a weekend trying a DIY ceiling fan installation. A residential electrician knows how to do the job quickly and affordably. Hiring a pro ensures that your fan will run smoothly and quietly, and you can get recessed can lights or other overhead lighting installed at the same time if you prefer a fan without a light.

What Ceiling Fans Are in Style?

Ceiling Fan Comfort and energy efficiency will always be desirable. Even still, some people have a notion that a ceiling fan will look outdated or too traditional. The only real problem? Choosing one that does not suit your home.

Interior designers recommend that you install a ceiling fan that matches or complements your other decor and does not call too much attention to itself. For example, all-white ceiling fans look great on a white ceiling. Wood tones could match the hardwood flooring, crown molding, or ceiling beams.

Of course, you can also make a statement with a futuristic-looking, modern ceiling fan. As long as it “fits in,” you can expect it to look in style forever.

Don’t just look at the big-box hardware store. You can find more attractive ceiling fans from specialty lighting companies and online stores. The latest designer ceiling fans in options ranging from rustic to Scandinavian.

Choosing a Ceiling Fan

Think about how large or small you want the fan to look compared to the size of the room. Also consider headspace and how low the fan should hang above a dining table or coffee table.

More considerations to help you get started finding the best ceiling fan:

  • Ceiling fans with lights: Ideal for bedrooms, family rooms, eat-in kitchens, and outdoor living areas. Add a dimmer switch for more control and variety.
  • Ceiling fans without lights: Perfect for rooms that have recessed lighting or plenty of ambient lighting. Also an excellent choice if you want a modern, minimalist ceiling fan.
  • Low-profile ceiling fans: Also called hugger fans; use these in small rooms or rooms with low ceilings.
  • Industrial style ceiling fans: Popular in enclosed porches, sunrooms, outdoor areas, and large family rooms or dining rooms.
  • Bronze ceiling fans: These pair well with traditional or Mediterranean home styles.
  • Contemporary ceiling fans: Often have just two or three blades, which may be simple rectangles or artsy curved blades. Popular in open concept kitchens, family rooms, and bedrooms.

Pair a Modern Ceiling Fan with Recessed Lighting

Want more lighting options than just one ceiling fan with an overhead light? Your electrician can wire track lighting, recessed LED lights, and other light fixtures to the junction box while installing your ceiling fan.

Professional Ceiling Fan Installation Is Worth It!

There are many reasons why an electrician should install ceiling fans. It’s at least a two-person job. Residential electricians know how to add wiring for ceiling fans and overhead lights. We can do the job safely, provide a warranty, and deliver better performance by ensuring your fan runs quietly and reliably for many, many years.

Contact us to request a ceiling fan replacement or installation in Sebastopol or the surrounding Sonoma and Marin County area.