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Installing ceiling fans into your home’s design has many benefits that surpass cooling off a room. Incorporating well-functioning ceiling fans in the entire home significantly minimizes energy costs and also offers comfort, sophistication and wonderful lighting. Although setting up a new ceiling fan may appear like a pretty simple task, it doesn’t mean you should do it yourself. It is wise to leave the task of ceiling fan installation to a professional.

Why should you hire an expert to install your ceiling fan?

1. Safety

Ceiling FanSafety is an essential aspect when it comes to handling any electrical fixture. A professional electrician has all the tools and skills needed to work with all type of electrical devices. The expert also knows all the safety precautions associated with handling commercial or residential electrical systems. If you carry out the installation yourself, you might connect the fans to the wires and ceiling loosely and improperly. This causes a couple of risks such as the falling of fan blades and electrical sparks.

2. Warranties

Reputable electrical companies provide lengthy warranties for the parts and services offered during the process of ceiling fan installation. Therefore, when you outsource a professional electrical service, you will be compensated in case any problems arise during or after the installation process.

3. Proper selection and installation of ceiling box

The type of ceiling box required to hold a fan vary from one type of fan to another.  Use of an incorrect ceiling box makes the fan lose. An improperly supported fan can easily damage the ceiling. Luckily, a professional will identify the right ceiling box for your fan and ensure it is supported adequately.

4. Saves time

An expert with the right tools and experience will carry out the installation process quickly and effectively, allowing you to restore comfort in your home on time. Additionally, assigning the job to a competent electrician allows you to handle other productive tasks.

5. Peace of mind

Working with an experienced electrician gives you long-lasting peace of mind. A professionally installed ceiling fan has a prolonged lifespan and little to no future problems.

6. Education and accreditation

Before getting their license, professional electricians go through countless hours of learning, on-the-job training, workshops, and certification. The certification process ensures that qualified electricians can provide services that meet the set standards. When you are searching for an electrician, find out if they are a trainee, journeyman, or certified electrician. Confirm if their business or the firm they are working for is licensed and insured.

 How to minimize the cost of installing a ceiling fan

The time required to install a ceiling fan depends on factors such as wiring, ease of install position, and mode of control – remote controlled or wall controlled.  However, a professional will take approximately an hour to install a standard fan. The cost of fan installation varies from one electrician to another. It is imperative to contact a few experts and ask for estimates from them. Then, compare the different estimates and select one that suits your budget. If you don’t have an electrician already, consider seeking referrals from friends and family. If you intend to install several fans, consider having them installed at the same time since this will minimize the cost per fan.

Do not allow your inability to set up a ceiling fan hinder your goal of making your living space, bedroom, or dining room comfortable. Have your fans installed quickly and efficiently by assigning your ceiling fan installation project to a professional. Contact us at Spyrka Electric for all repair, installation and maintenance.