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Protect Your Home and Family With Outdoor Security Lighting Spyrka Electric Santa RosaPut yourself in the shoes of a house burglar. How do you choose which home to break into? First and foremost, you look for an easy target.

Security Lighting Makes Your House an Undesirable Target

Vandals and burglars get the message — clear as day — that you have taken steps to protect your home. Instead of waiting for an alarm to sound, the criminal knows to stay away entirely.

According to the FBI, a house burglary results in losses of more than $2,000 on average. From laptops and tablets to jewelry and other valuables, many burglars make off with far more. Preventing injury and trauma to yourself and family members, of course, is priceless.

Security Lighting  Also Protects Family Members From Accidents

In addition to crime concerns, good lighting makes it easier and safer to take out the trash, let out the dog, or arrive home after dark.

All things considered, security lighting helps homeowners prevent crime, protect family members and guests, and maybe even save a little on home insurance.

Ready to talk to an electrician about having a system installed? Here’s what to consider.

Outdoor Areas that Should Be Well-Lit

Consider the two main kinds of security lighting: 1) exterior lighting for your house, yard and walkways; and 2) motion sensor and timed lights to provide visibility when you need it and scare away intruders.

Depending on your property layout and other factors, you may want to have security lighting installed in several places:

  • Floodlights for the building exterior
  • Sidewalk, walkway, and driveway lights
  • Inside and outside of the garage
  • Front doors, back doors and other potential entry points
  • Backyards and swimming pool areas
  • Any dark areas that you pass through while coming and going at night

Note that better security plans including lighting for obvious and not-so-obvious locations. If only the doorways are lit, burglars will look for another way. When having an electrician install security lighting, it makes sense to cover all the bases.

Security Lighting Technology

Thanks to a variety of lighting types, homeowners can find an ideal solution:

  • Smart technology with mobile apps and home security system integration
  • Energy efficiency including solar options
  • Decorative lighting for discreet and attractive options
  • Motion detection to alert you and save energy
  • Timed systems for easy and reliable operation
  • Work with an experienced residential electrician who stays current with modern technologies to find out about the right systems for you and your property. Homeowners can buy security lighting systems and ask an electrician to do the installation, or we can help you choose something.
  • An important note about security lighting: when it works well, you will hopefully never even realize that it has prevented crime and injuries on your property. You should notice, though, that you can sleep sounder and feel better about protecting your family.
  • Take action for the sake of your health and home — talk to us about adding security lighting to your outdoor areas and start feeling better about your safety right away!

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