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Motion Sensor Lighting for Home Security

Want to scare away intruders? Motion sensor lighting does that and more. Not only will you feel more safe resting your head each night, but you’ll be enjoying more efficient and easier home protection. Protecting your home becomes an automated, “set it and forget it” solution.

Consider these 5 benefits of motion sensor lighting for safety:

  • Stop crime before it happens. Startled burglars will flee when the lights suddenly come on, so motion sensor lighting provides more of a deterrent than always-on lighting.
  • Identify family & friends. When you hear noise coming from an entry point, motion sensor lighting helps you know immediately if it’s an intruder, or just a family member coming home late.
  • Easy on neighbors. The people across the street will appreciate your motion sensor lighting because it means they don’t have to deal with light pollution all night. And if there is an attempted break-in, your neighbors might get a visual on the suspect.
  • Personal safety against slips & falls. Tree branches, puddles, children’s toys left out in the driveway — you face a lot of hurdles when coming home after dark or taking the trash out before bed. And it can be difficult to turn on outdoor lights when your hands are full. Motion sensor lighting makes your nighttime chores far more safe and secure.
  • Energy savings. Compared to running a series of floodlights all night, motion sensor lighting can easily save you hundreds of dollars per year in electrical costs. 


Lighting Plans for Home Security

For the best results, you need coverage and reliable wiring to make it all work. We work with homeowners to develop motion sensor lighting schemes that offer all-around protection and function dependably for years to come with very little maintenance on your part.

Coverage. We recommend that motion sensor lighting gets installed to provide visibility around as much of the perimeter of your home as possible. Doors and windows need the most coverage, but it also helps to cover the perimeter so that intruders get scared off no matter which angle they come from. After all, the main goal is to get them to leave!

Remember: if only your doorways have security lights, criminals can spot the shadows and figure out a way to get in without entering the light. So you need to consult with an experienced electrician to help determine the best lighting layout.

Wiring. Motion sensor lighting needs a reliable and secure power source. Ideally, we run the wiring through an attic space and put the controls someplace more accessible. The wiring should be fully protected from bad weather and the design should not rely on too many wires outside. With a smarter wiring design, your motion-activated lights will perform even better, more reliably.


Special Security Features for Motion Sensor Lighting

You can also customize your lighting with features that make sense for your property, and your family. For example, we can provide motion sensor lighting that will not be activated by your dogs when they take a midnight jog in the backyard.

From smartphone-compatible sensors to motion-activated video recorders, there are many high-tech options available for smart safety.


Need help planning and installing your motion sensor lighting? Talk to us today for help with wiring and implementing a security system that will help you rest easy!