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Why take the risk of powering your home with decades-old technology? Many homes in Sonoma County still use their original fuse box or breaker panel. These dinosaurs are not equipped to supply enough power for today’s needs.

Every homeowner should consider electrical panel upgrades in Santa Rosa. From annoyances like flickering lights to serious fire hazards, a panel replacement ensures you’re powered up safely.

Upgrade to a Breaker Panel with More Circuits

Electrical Panel Upgrades in Santa Rosa Look at everything you own that plugs into the wall. When your home’s electrical panel was installed, you didn’t have an iPad, a wireless router, an Amazon Echo, or an air purifier.

We’ve noticed that electrical panel upgrades in Santa Rosa have become more of a necessity than ever. It’s not about using tons of energy—it’s about having safe electricity available to you in the right locations. You may have noticed:

  • You have a small electrical panel with only a dozen or so circuit slots
  • Your house does not have enough wall outlets
  • You need to rely on extension cords and power strips just to plug in everyday appliances
  • There’s visible electrical wiring running in your garage or outdoors
  • You can’t plug in a coffeemaker, toaster oven, or other kitchen appliance where you want to
  • You’re creating a home office, finishing the basement, or building an addition

Replace an Old Electrical Panel with Wiring Issues

If you need electrical panel upgrades in Santa Rosa, it’s smart to look at your home’s wiring, too. An electrician can efficiently re-wire a home that has aluminum wiring, frayed wiring, missing insulation jackets, or other telltale signs of electrical fire hazards.

Signs that you need electrical panel upgrades in Santa Rosa for safety reasons:

  • You’ve bought an old rural home with knob-and-tube wiring
  • Your insurance company says you must replace a fuse box with a circuit breaker
  • Lights flicker or dim when running appliances
  • Breaker trips when you plug in a new device
  • You feel a shock when touching appliances or outlets
  • Outlets feel hot to the touch or look burned

Get an Electrical Service Upgrade or “Heavy Up”

The utility lines running to your home are capped at a certain number of amperes. Your electrical panel is sized to handle that maximum load. Existing homes were built with 60 or perhaps 100 amps of service until recent years.

Nowadays, people are getting electrical panel upgrades in Santa Rosa to have 150, 200, or 400 amps of service. This does not mean your electric bills automatically go up. It just means you have power available and can run numerous circuits.

We make electrical panel upgrades in Santa Rosa to allow your major appliances like the dishwasher, refrigerator, and air conditioner to run on dedicated circuits. Your small appliances and lights run on enough circuits so that lights don’t flicker and breakers don’t trip when you use them.

Future-Proof Your Home While Remodeling

You might not need electrical panel upgrades in Santa Rosa immediately. For example, you might have 100-amp service, your wiring is in good condition, and you don’t use a lot of electronics. However, if you do any remodeling, ask a residential electrician to make upgrades while you’re at it. Your home will be safer, ready to pass future inspections, and future-proofed for changing electrical needs.

Hire a Pro for Electrical Panel Upgrades in Santa Rosa

Even a competent DIY veteran should ask a licensed electrician to mount a breaker box and set up new electrical service. Contact us to request an estimate for electrical panel upgrades in Santa Rosa or throughout Sonoma and Marin counties.

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