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A home is one of the most valuable assets a man could have in his lifetime. This is why he should maintain it as best as he can. Inspecting and upgrading your home is an important aspect of good maintenance. Wire replacement is one upgrade that many homeowners are not taking for granted. Which is a good thing of course , given the fact that no one wants their hard earnings up in smoke, literally speaking.

The replacement of your home’s wiring system cannot be completely avoided.  Old wiring is hazardous to you and your family.  Through time your home’s electrical system begins to break down and becomes dangerous. This leaves your home prone to all types of hazardous possibilities.

Types Of Old Wiring


Older types of wiring in the home need to be replaced because they become brittle over time.  Knob and tube wiring in particular drys out and starts to crumble, causing the inner wire to become exposed. After this breakdown the cloth insulation around the wire deteriorates and therefore becomes hazardous.

Here’s how the Knob-and-tube wiring works.  Individual wires are ran through joists by using insulating sleeves to act as protective shields for the wiring. This technique was widely used by older generation technicians. In addition to this they used solder pots to make the connections. One disadvantage though is the lack of ground wire for the circuit.

How Your Home Can be Affected

Fire and high electric usage are the results of poor electrical wiring. Many homeowners have felt the negative effects of having outdated wiring. Protect your assets by replacing old wiring.  A fire can destroy all your possessions and cripple you financially. In addition to this high electricity bills can be expected as a result of faulty or old wiring.

Insurance companies are now condemning homeowners who have old wiring in their home.  They are refusing the provide insurance coverage to homeowners until they upgrade to more updated standards.  This is another critical reason why you should rewire your home if it does not fit the wiring criteria set out by the state. Imagine the risks involved when your home is not insured.

Safe guard your home and family by consulting with a professional electrician. Spyrka Electric has been servicing the Marin and Sonoma counties in California for over 20 years.  Our specialized team can handle any electrical repair project.  Contact us for wire replacement services.



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