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Most new year resolutions focus on personal health and wellbeing, but few of us take the opportunity to upgrade the safety of our own homes. Winter electric repair is the perfect way to use your portable heaters safely, get ready for spring, and update your electrical system to correct code violations and safety risks.

While spending a cold day inside, walk around and see if you notice any signs you need electric repair. A quick visit from a licensed electrician can provide peace of mind.

Space Heater Tripping the Breaker

Electric Repair

People tend to have more things plugged in during the winter. Electric blankets, tea kettles, humidifiers, and portable heaters all add to the electrical load on top of the appliances and electronics you use year-round.

Space heaters, in particular, draw a lot of power. If you notice lights flickering or dimming, or the breaker trips when you use a room heater, you might need electric repair. Those symptoms indicate that the wiring might have become overheated and prone to sparks.

Covered Outdoor Electrical Outlets with GFCI

Winter is a great time for electrical maintenance. Do you have GFCI protection everywhere it’s required? Have you tested your GFCI outlets recently?

If you don’t have outdoor GFCI outlets, it’s time to shout at Alexa, “Find an electric repair service near me!” Every outdoor receptacle should have the full, weatherproof bubble cover and GFCI protection.

Outdoor outlet repair is especially important considering the amount of rain we get in Santa Rosa during winter and spring. And when you start gardening or landscaping this spring, you’ll need covered GFCI outlets and any electric repair taken care of in advance.

Electric Repair to Prevent Static Shocks at Home

When your heating is running, you might notice more static electricity shocks because the heated air is drier. A humidifier can help, but you should also check whether your outlets are grounded and safe. Electric repair services can help prevent shock and fire hazards for outlets and circuits that seem prone to arcing:

  • Replace ungrounded wall outlets
  • Add AFCI circuit breaker protection
  • Cover or replace frayed wiring
  • Add a circuit for a whole-home humidifier
  • Repair a light switch that gives a shock 

Generator Repair, Maintenance, or Installation

Power outages can occur at any time of year due to cold temperatures, rain and snow, summer heat, and utility problems. We recommend standby generator installation in Marin County and Sonoma County homes and businesses. If you already have one, now is the perfect time to test your generator and get electric repair for any problems turning on and switching over.

Breaker Panel Electric Repair

While you’re at it, conduct a quick home inspection for electric repair that might be needed. At the service panel, look for problems such as:

  • Rust damage on the breaker panel
  • Burnt or melted circuit breakers
  • Frayed wiring or loose connections
  • Overloaded breaker panel or messy wiring

Breaker panel repair can help with everything we’ve covered here—fixing code violations and safety hazards like missing AFCI, adding circuits to prevent tripped breakers and flickering lights, and various winter electric repair needs like replacing a water-damaged breaker panel.

Make Your Home Safe with Electric Repair in Santa Rosa

Take care of things now, and you’ll have a safer and more comfortable home all year. Contact us to request an estimate for electrical maintenance or repair in Marin or Sonoma County.

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