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Why You Need A Local Electrician for Your Home Appliances Spyrka Electric Santa Rosa CAMajor appliances require special attention in terms of proper electrical wiring and safe installation. Your local electrician offers your best bet for many issues surrounding home appliances.

Before you call a specialist or try a DIY project, here’s why you should probably make the first call to your local electrician to help with appliance issues:

#1. You don’t always need an appliance specialist.

Electrical problems — rather than problems inside the appliance — often lead to situations where your appliance will not turn on or operate normally. Before you schedule an expensive house call from a specialist or the manufacturer’s technician, call your local electrician.

If the problem stems from a blown fuse or bad wiring, your local electrician can fix it quickly and perfectly — and typically for less than the branded appliance repairman.

#2. Appliances are a major concern with electrical and fire safety.

Appliances rank among the top causes of house fires, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Injuries from sparks and shocks are also a big concern.

Appliances use heavy amounts of electricity and generate lots of heat. Bad wiring or overloaded outlets can overheat, spark, and create massive fires instantaneously. Sure, you may be able to plug your washer right into the wall — but are you sure the outlet can handle modern appliances? Can the circuit handle the amount of power? Your local electrician will make sure the wiring setup and outlets that power your appliance are safe and correctly installed. Great electrical wiring prevents house fires, period.

#3. Proper wiring protects your appliances and home.

In addition to protecting your safety, your local electrician can also ensure that your wiring and power source will allow your appliances to function normally. Nobody wants to replace a brand new refrigerator or air conditioner because faulty wiring has burned or broken the appliance.

#4. Place your washer, dryer, refrigerator exactly where YOU want them.

When installing new appliances, placement can be a little tricky. You want your washer and dryer doors to open in the right direction, and you want all your appliances to fit seamlessly within the right locations. That requires proper electrical wiring in all the right places.

Those guys from the hardware store want to drop off your appliance and drive away as quickly as possible. Your local electrician can take the time to relocate outlets and make upgrades where you need them, so your kitchen, laundry, and other appliances are ideally located.

Common Appliance Issues a Local Electrician Can Fix

Some specific appliance issues that are best left to your local electrician include:

  • Hard-wired appliances (as opposed to standard plug-in devices)
  • Air conditioners that won’t turn on at all
  • Washers and dryers that won’t turn on or won’t heat
  • Flickering lights when running appliances
  • Reconfiguring your appliance locations

Electricity powers your appliances, so it only makes sense to call your local electrician for most installation and maintenance needs. Get the safe, functional, reliable setup you want in your major appliances by asking your local electrician to take care of the job!