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“A failure will not appear until a unit has passed final inspection.” Arthur Bloch

When it comes to electrical inspection authorities have mandated that it be conducted periodically on all electrical systems and components installed within commercial and residential buildings. This is enforced to ensure the general safety inside homes and businesses as well as to make sure that electrical systems and related components are up kept up to standard.

Most homeowners in the Santa Rosa, Sebastopol and Novato have decided to make it their business to promote a hazard-free lifestyle and have professional electrical inspections conducted periodically. We at Spyrka Electric provide high quality electrical inspection services and we want you to protect your home and business today. Contact us if you have any questions or for a direct quote.

What To Look For With Electrical Inspection

Electrical InspectionElectrical inspection mainly refers to a series of safety checks or ‘periodic inspections and testing’ that are conducted within residential or commercial structures. Essentially this testing and inspection functions to reveal if any malfunction, damage or deterioration exist within electrical systems or components.

As part of the testing process electrical wiring and fixed electrical equipment are thoroughly tested to ensure that they’re not damaged and exposed.  Home and business owners should invest in this preventative maintenance measure in order to eradicate any potential fire hazards or risks of electric shock, which are among the main causes of home fires and electrical injuries across the country.

What Determines The Need For An Electrical Inspection

Although the importance of electrical inspection has been heavily emphasized some people may not necessarily know how to plan a periodic electrical inspection schedule.

This is why it is strictly recommended that people follow the standard procedures in compliance to the Electrical Inspection and Safety Testing Guidelines to properly gauge what would constitute the appropriate time to conduct electrical inspection and testing. These guidelines mainly suggest that inspection should be conducted as follows:

  • 10 years for an owner-occupied home.
  • 5 years for a rented home.
  • 3 years for a mobile homes.
  • 1 year for a swimming pool.

Additionally periodic inspection of electrical systems should also be conducted:

  • When a property is being prepared for letting.
  • Before selling a property or buying a previously-occupied property.

Electrical inspection is considered to be a very essential practice and should not be taken lightly. So for homeowners and business owners alike ensuring  inspection is conducted should be a priority not only for efficiently operating electrical systems but to ensure overall safety .

Do You Suspect Your Electrical System Is Due For Inspection? 

Contracting  professional electrical services helps people to manage electrical inspection or any other form of electrical work in a safe and efficient manner. These services also help to reduce the amount of time spent on electrical tasks and guarantee that electrical services are performed  in compliance to National Electric Code (NEC).

Here at Spyrka Electric electrical inspection is among the number of fantastic services that we offer. If there be any electrical task you need performed don’t hesitate to give us a call at: (707) 829-3516 we’d be happy to come in and give you a hand . Contact us online to have a look at the services we offer.



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