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Are you living in a home 30 years or older? If you are then most likely there’s an aluminum wiring system installed which means it may be time to start thinking about upgrading your electrical system. Wiring systems such as these are not only outdated but are susceptible to numerous faults or malfunction posing several hazardous threats including fire.

Why You Should Upgrade Your Electrical System From Aluminum Wiring

Aluminum WiringDuring the 1950’s-70’s most home electrical systems installed were assembled using aluminum wiring. This is mainly because the price of copper – which was mostly used for electrical wiring – skyrocketed leaving aluminum as the next alternative since it was more affordable to use.

Even though the use of aluminum for electrical wiring significantly reduced the cost to assemble electrical systems at that time and showed tremendous potential for increased conductivity it was prone to many issues that made it problematic for long term use.

One of the main issues faced when using aluminum wiring is it’s soft makeup that makes it more susceptible to damage mainly because it rusts. As a result of this several issues can occur including the disruption in the flow of electricity and exposure of raw wiring. 

Does Your Home Have Aluminum Wiring? – How To Determine If It Does

Do the light switches or electrical outlets in your home get overheated or discolored? Or perhaps your lights flicker on and off for no apparent reason. Well if they do these may be indications that you have an aluminum wiring system in place. Other common signs include smoke or sparks near plugged in electrical devices or the constant tripping of circuit breakers or fuses.

If you have experienced any of these in your home it is highly recommended that you upgrade your electrical system as soon as possible since this type of wiring poses many dangers to people and property. For this you will need a certified electrician to come in and evaluate the home and complete the installation of a new system. This will ensure safety, efficiency and compliance to the National Electric Code.

Do You Have Aluminum Wiring You Need Replaced? Let Spryka Electric Come In And Perform The Upgrade For You

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