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When people purchase a new home or undergo renovations one of the chief concerns they have is the condition of the electrical system throughout the home. In some homes there is a chance that construction or renovations may not have been carried out since the very first installation. In older homes where older forms of electrical systems are found, the wiring used can certainly have cause for concern especially if the wiring is aluminum wiring.

Check For Aluminum Wiring Now

aluminum wiringOver the years certain dangers have been identified in homes that use aluminum wiring which is said to be prone to overheating and also be the cause of many electrical fires.

Although over time electricity has grown to be extremely useful to us we still have to keep in mind that if electrical components or systems installed are not functioning the way they should because of age or degradation, they can pose serious threats to individuals or property. Therefore it is necessary to safeguard our homes and families against certain electrical hazards by replacing or upgrading the home’s electrical system to one that is up to standard.

During the fifties through to the seventies many homes were assembled with aluminum wiring systems. This was mainly because the price of copper which was normally used for electrical wires had significantly increased and using aluminum as the next alternative would help to cut cost.

Even though the use of aluminum significantly reduced cost and showed potential for increased conductivity it possesses several, potential, issues that make it problematic for long term use. Since it is way softer than copper it stands more of a chance of being damaged, cut or broken. It also tends to rust disrupting the flow of electricity which can eventually cause several other issues to occur.

When aluminum becomes heated it expands and contracts which results in a constant fluctuation in the size of wires. Eventually this repeated change will cause wires to become loose and out of place which poses another potential hazard to homes or individuals.

Since certain people purchase old homes they may not necessarily know what wiring system is in place so if you live in an old home and you are uncertain as to if you have an aluminum wiring system there are a few signs that should indicate to you if you do. So checking around your home to identify these signs can help to give a better idea of whether you have this type of wiring throughout your home.

If your lights flicker for no apparent reason, light switches and electrical outlets become heated and discolored or smoke and sparks are produced when plugging in electrical devices then you know the house has aluminum wiring. Other signs also include tripping breakers or fuses and static occurring when operating electronic equipment like radios, televisions and computers in the home.

If you have already identified signs in your home that you may have aluminum wiring or believe that your wiring is outdated or faulty you should not hesitate to contact a professional to help you to rectify any issues before they cause any major problems.