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Wholehouse fan Santa Rosa CA

Finished Whole House Fan in Santa Rosa CA

With a whole house fan Santa Rosa residents can benefit quite a bit because they make perfect sense when you want to improve your home’s energy efficiency without breaking the bank for expensive technology upgrades. Particularly in the Bay Area climate, whole house fans can sufficiently cool your home during much of the year. Install a fan,and turn off your air conditioner!

Considering that air conditioning makes up about half of your energy bills, cutting the A/C means saving real money immediately and drastically reducing your environmental impact.

After a simple installation, whole house fans cycle air through your home to prevent heat from building up. The fan pulls in air through open windows and exhausts it through the attic and roof. Whole house fans cool your entire home and all you’re doing is running a simple appliance.

Whole House Fan Santa Rosa: Low-Cost, Simple Installation

Some energy-efficient technologies require huge initial investments and take years to pay for themselves. On the other hand, whole house fans can be easily installed by your local electrician in just an hour or two and provide notable savings on your very next utility bill.

Adventurous homeowners can even handle it as a DIY project, although the difficulty of the task can vary depending on your attic space.

Here’s the easy installation process for a whole house fan:

  • Determine the fan size needed based on square footage.
  • Turn off electricity to the attic area.
  • Cut out and remove the ceiling drywall and attic flooring where the fan will sit, sawing a hole to pass the fan up into the attic.
  • Measure and cut lumber to create a support system attached to joists in the attic.
  • Securely attach the fan to the joist supports using a bracket system.
  • Nail wooden blocks around the fan’s support system as necessary to secure it on all four sides.
  • Follow instructions for the fan which may include detaching and adjusting the fan blades and fan motor into certain positions.
  • Wire the whole house fan, patch up the ceiling, and complete the project.

Whole House Fan Santa Rosa: Energy Savings

For the eco-conscious and budget-savvy homeowners, whole house fans bring energy savings with quick returns on investment. You can find models that cost only a few hundred dollars, and Energy Star-certified products that promise the highest savings.

To determine how much money you could save with a whole house fan, consider:

  • Your current energy bill average
  • How much of the year you turn on your air conditioner
  • How your floor plan might impact the effects of air circulation

Just as a desktop fan can help you feel several degrees cooler, a whole house fan can have a major cooling effect for every part of the home. All the air in your house gets recycled every minute or two, so heat doesn’t get trapped. Imagine baking cookies in the summer without heating up the kitchen!

If you’re interested in cutting down on A/C and cooling your home with a whole house fan, start by exploring models of fans and talking to your local electrician about getting a professional installation.

Think your home is a good candidate for a whole house fan? Contact Spyrka Electric today.

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