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In most cases an electrical circuit will trip or entirely shut off power in event of an overload. There are some immediate solutions that can be used to rectify this issue however electrical work is pretty risky and complicated and should be handled by a skilled professional.

That is why here at Spryka Electric we recommend that you give us a call when experiencing issues with a circuit or any other electrical component in your home or business.

Have Your Electrical Circuits Checked

Some people may find it difficult to find solutions that can fix malfunctioning circuits or outlets because first you have to locate outlets linked to other circuits and then find a convenient way to reach it. As you can see these are tasks that require the suitable equipment and expertise as the average person may not even know what a circuit is.

Most of the time people use extension cords and think this will eliminate the issue however they are for short term use and don’t fix the problem. It would be best to have an electrician here at Spyrka come in to evaluate the problem for you. First the dispatched electrician will begin by tracing general- purpose circuits using labels on the main panel.

This will give them a basic idea as to where the circuits run.  Only a skilled electrician possess the adequate knowledge to properly map out these circuits in order to turn off the respective circuit breaker at the main panel followed by a thorough testing of outlets throughout the home.

Once circuits have been mapped out and the testing of outlets is completed a calculation can be made and the source of the issue can be better pinpointed. To better explain a circuit is overloaded if the designated current is exceeded for instance, 1,800 watts for a 15-amp circuit. So by conducting tests the electrician will be able to more accurately determine which circuit might be overloading so that it can be traced and fixed.

Most likely this process will be repeated for other circuits until you know what’s what. Nevertheless we can guarantee that our qualified personnel possess the adequate knowledge and training to get the job done. So if you believe that you have an overloaded circuit/s give us a call right away. Our dedicated staff are on call Monday to Saturday to come in and help you to solve any electrical issue you might have.  Contact us for more information.

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