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Through the years electricity consumption has reached staggering heights in homes all across America. These days numerous electrical devices and appliances can be found in up to eight out of ten homes throughout the country. Since this is the case it would be wise for homeowners to ensure that their homes are equipped with all the necessary systems and components to facilitate and deliver adequate power to devices, electronics and appliances.

Here at Spryka Electric our team of highly skilled and certified electricians are on call six days a week and are available to come in and perform an evaluation of the your residence. Once this is done we can provide a quote and arrange a convenient time to come in and manage any electrical repair promptly and efficiently.  Electrical installation is very risky and whether it’s just installing an electrical outlet or a complicated wiring system it is wise to seek professional assistance and not attempt to perform the upgrade on your own.

How to Know when Your Electrical Circuit is in Need of Repair

Electrical CircuitAre the lights in your home constantly flickering or your power is always shutting off on its own? Then you may be experiencing an electrical circuit issue. To summarize the Main Panel (the gray metal box about the size of a cookie tray) is referred to as the heart of an electrical system located in the basement or utility room of homes.

Inside your main panel are circuits that function to safely channel the flow of current to branch circuits throughout the home. So in event that there is a glitch or overload of power throughout the system the circuit trips or shuts the power off indicating that there is an issue.

Circuits in the main panel are roughly divided into two types these are dedicated and general purpose circuits. Dedicated circuits mostly serve to supply single, large, appliances like built in microwaves, garbage disposals or furnaces. Others service smaller appliances like laundry equipment, kitchen and bathroom appliances. As for general-purpose circuits they function to serve multiple outlets such as lighting and the rest of the receptacles throughout home.

Nevertheless regardless of the purpose they serve once driven to the limit circuits will give an indication to when there is an overload or glitch. So if you are experiencing any of these issues and you believe that your circuit or any other electrical component is faulty or malfunctioned don’t hesitate to give us a call here at Spyrka Electric as these can be potential fire and safety hazards.

We’d be happy to come in and manage any electrical task for you as we are committed to delivering the highest quality electrical services that are affordable, convenient and compliant to the National Electrical Code. Contact us for more information.