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What Are the Benefits of Motion Sensor Lighting? Spyrka Electric Santa Rosa Most people think of outdoor security lighting when it comes to motion sensor lighting, but the possibilities don’t end there. True, motion sensors provide a smarter and more efficient solution for preventing break-ins. But you can also use motion sensor lighting to reduce utility bills and make life more convenient in a variety of ways, indoors and outdoors.

Benefits of Motion Sensor Lighting

#1. Save Money and Reduce your Energy Consumption

For the sake of the environment and your utility bills, motion sensor lighting helps reduce and conserve. Lights left running are a drain on resources — and lead to more burnt out bulbs. After the relatively small initial costs, motion sensors gets to work on saving you money.

Motion sensor lighting is eco-friendly and efficient in many circumstances:

  • No need for full-time outdoor security lights. Motion activation saves thousands of hours of run time per year, and prolongs the life those expensive flood lights.
  • Prevent lights from being left on by children and guests.
  • No accidentally left on lights in garages, attics, or any space where you might occasionally find that the light was left on.

#2. Smarter Crime Deterrence

Intruders look for the most vulnerable homes. When they’re seen, they flee. Motion sensor lighting helps prevent burglaries and vandalism by making the intruder visible and startling them.

If you use dedicated security lights that run all night, criminals can actually benefit from knowing which areas are lit and which areas are in shadows. With motion sensor lighting, the criminal might set foot on your property — but then they run as soon as the lights activate.

#3. Arriving Home with Your Hands Full?

From the driveway to the garage, from the foyer to the hallway — motion sensor lighting helps you out when you come home carrying shopping bags or other items. You can have motion sensor lighting installed inside and outside the home to make life a little easier.

#4. Taking Out the Trash / Letting Pets Out at Night

Your dog doesn’t care how deep you are in a REM cycle, he just needs to potty. Motion sensor lighting by the back door and in the yard make those 3 a.m. bathroom breaks much safer and easier for you and your pet.

Same goes for taking out the garbage at night — you can have the entire walkway lit from your back door to the bins at the curb.

#5. Lighting Difficult Areas

Perhaps you finished out the basement and there isn’t a convenient light switch in the entertainment room. Maybe your guests often struggle to find the light switch in the powder room. Wherever you might want easy lighting solutions without having to search and fumble for the switch, motion sensor lighting makes it a breeze for you and your visitors.

Can you think of some great places to add motion sensor lighting? Talk to your local electrician about having motion-activated sensors installed in your home and outside. Some extra wiring may be necessary, especially for safe and reliable power to outdoor security lights. Contact us today to schedule a professional installation.

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