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Electrical outlets should get replaced when they become loose or feel hot to the touch. You might also want to upgrade with new safety or tech features. The following options represent very affordable ways to improve your home. All you need is a quick visit from the local electrician in Santa Rosa to make sure that each electrical outlet is installed correctly.

Install a USB Electrical Outlet

Electrical outletsDo you feel like you constantly need to unplug a lamp or appliance so you can charge your phone or tablet? Do you want faster charging for your devices?

You can replace an old electrical outlet with a USB outlet anywhere you want—the kitchen counter, near your armchair, or by the bedside. A dedicated USB outlet offers the two normal plugs and a few charging ports. It looks better and recharges faster than the plug-in type.

Replace a Two-Prong Outlet

A two-prong electrical outlet causes the annoyance of not being able to plug in large appliances. It’s also a safety risk; three-prong outlets are properly grounded.

You can’t make the outlet grounded just by replacing it with a three-prong box. Ask an electrician for help. We’ll make sure the fuse box or breaker panel has proper grounding, and wire the new outlets appropriately.

Switch to a GFCI Electrical Outlet

The National Electrical Code now requires GFCI protection in more places than ever. To protect against electroshock injuries and get your home ready for the next home inspection, you’ll want to add GFCI to the wet bar, laundry room, garage, and outdoor areas (and the kitchen and bathroom, of course!).

We can install a GFCI breaker to protect a whole room or area, or we can simply add a GFCI outlet as the first electrical outlet on a circuit to protect the rest of the outlets.

Add a 20A Outlet

Most homes are wired with 15A circuits for most rooms and 20A circuits for kitchen and laundry appliances. If you struggle with tripped breakers because of an appliance that uses lots of energy, you might want to add a 20A electrical outlet elsewhere, too.

The 20A refers to the maximum amount of power on the circuit. You can’t draw the full 20A if you’re on a 15A circuit, so ask an electrician to upgrade the wiring if necessary. We can also add or replace a 20A outlet if you’re moving appliances around (i.e., remodeling the kitchen) and need to plug into a different location.

Upgrade to Smart Electrical Outlets

You can control any plug-in appliance with a Wi-Fi smart outlet. Save energy by turning off appliances while you’re away. Control your lights while on vacation so you don’t need a house sitter. A smart electrical outlet is easy to control, and you don’t have to commit to a fancy smart home system just yet.

Electrical Outlet Installation in Santa Rosa

Adding or replacing an outlet involves some serious electrical wiring. Let a professional electrician do the job to protect your home—and the expensive devices you’ll be plugging in. Contact us to request an estimate and schedule service for an electrical outlet upgrade in the Santa Rosa area.

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