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Use Surge Protectors with Your Electronics Spyrka Electric Santa RosaModern technology has evolved to the point that your electronics are no longer just cool gadgets that you can play with. They are some of the most important pieces of hardware that you own. Just about everyone relies on their cell phone, tablet and computer — sometimes even items that once existed solely for the purpose entertainment, such as their gaming systems and televisions — to get things done and manage their lives. This applies to home and business use. In addition to all of this, electronics are still expensive pieces of equipment.

This combination of monetary and practical value for your electronics makes using surge protectors a must. Here is why doing this is so important:

Surge protectors protect your electronics from power surges

This is the primary benefit that you will reap from using surge protectors for your electronics. Although the electricity provided via sockets in the walls is generally safe, sometimes uncontrollable energy spikes can occur; with destructive results to whatever is plugged in. A surge protector acts as a shield for your electronics when a power spike occurs, funneling any sudden burst of energy through a protective mechanism. This way, the only thing that is at risk for power surge-related damage is the surge protector itself.

Most surge protectors are insured

Surge protectors are so highly effective, that many manufacturers back their surge protectors with massive guarantees. It is no uncommon to see a single surge protector insured for up to $100,000 worth of electronics.

Most surge protectors come in power strip form

When you visit your local electronics or hardware store and ask for surge protectors, you’ll see a wide range of objects that resemble power strips. This style provides the following benefits:

You gain the ability to safely plug in more electronics in one place

With a power strip-style surge protector, you gain the ability to safely plug in between five and ten times more electronic devices into a single location. This capability is invaluable in certain areas of the home, such as the location of your primary entertainment set, where you will need to plug in a television, cable box, sound bar and gaming system all in the same location.

You gain an opportunity to save on your energy bill

When most electronics are in, they continue to sap energy endlessly. The typical electronics charger, for example, uses the same amount of energy, whether or not it is plugged into the item that it is supposed to supply power to. A power strip-style surge protector allows you to stop this by simply switching the entire strip off.

You gain the ability to extend your electronics’ reach

There are few things more frustrating than having a perfect setup for your electronic devices, only to discover that one or more cords isn’t long enough to reach the electrical socket from its current position. With a power strip design, most surge protectors allow you to add precious feet to your electronics’ reach, making it easier to plug things in from a distance.

Make sure that you know the difference between power strips and surge protectors

Although many surge protectors feature a power strip-style design, not all power strips are surge protectors. In order to make sure that your electronics will be protected against power surges, make sure that the packaging specifically identified the device as a “surge protector.” If you do not see this, then keep looking.

Don’t leave the fate of your electronics to chance

Avoid losing the use of your electronic devices for a second or having to pay to replace them by investing in surge protectors.

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