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During the holiday season the use of numerous electrical devices, appliances and lighting increases significantly. Due to the increased usage of electricity the voltage in the average household could easily rise causing voltage spikes, overheating outlets and even fire. Ensure safety by using surge protectors in your home or office this holiday season.

What Exactly Is A Surge Protector?

Surge Protectors

A surge protector or surge suppressor is a device designed to protect electronic devices from dangerous fluctuations of electricity and basically works by providing surge suppression. Essentially this process utilizes two-terminal semiconductors to detect when power levels reach a threshold beyond safe fluctuations. If this occurs a surge protector is designed to re-route any excess voltage to the ground wire safely dissipating it into the earth.

Apart from this most surge protectors can serve to carry out more than one function.  This device can also protect high-powered electrical devices such as vacuum cleaners, refrigerators and extravagant lighting displays.

Don’t Confuse Surge Protectors With Power Strips

Over time people have often believed surge protectors and power srtips to be the same thing however they aren’t. It is true that surge protectors can be found in several different configurations, shapes and sizes to accommodate from the smallest electrical device to the largest however some models can look just like a power strip but they serve different purposes.

You see a power strip merely acts as an extension cord to power numerous electrical devices simultaneously while a surge protector can do the same thing but contains a built-in surge suppressor that offers triple times the protection from power surges and heavy electrical use.

Therefore mistaking the two can still lead to the potential damage of appliances or devices which is why it is extremely important that people be aware of the device they’re buying to ensure it’s suited for its intended use.

Surge Protectors A Priority This Holiday Season

Instead of using two dozen extension cords this holiday to power your Christmas displays or two way adaptor plugs to accommodate the constant use of numerous appliances in your kitchen why not consider the safer alternative and replace them with surge protectors.

This is a great way to protect your appliances from damage, save tons of money on electrical repairs and provide peace of mind. Discard the threat of potential electrical and fire hazards by picking up your surge protectors today and protect your home this holiday season and in the coming years. Contact spyrkaelectric.com for more information.