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Electrical Panel

In the 21st century, households require more power than ever before. Your electrical panel must be capable of distributing this power efficiently and safely. In the past, the standard home might have general lighting for each room with a pair of receptacles. A family would have what are now basic electrical devices and major home appliances , and in all probability , they would have only one of each. The gadgets that are so much a part of our lives today did not even exist, no computers, no comparable home entertainment systems , not even cell phones to charge. An old electrical panel will eventually succumb to the rigors of today’s world , we’ll give you an idea of what to look for to make sure you and your loved ones are not  in imminent danger.

Wondering Why You Should Upgrade Your Electrical Panel?

Requirements- Consider this, homes were originally  designed with approximately 50 amps to power the entire house. The contemporary household can easily demand quadruple that amount of electric current, central air conditioning and refrigerators in perpetual use and multiple televisions and electronics being used simultaneously. Older systems were not designed for such and are apt to overload and cause fire.

The Advantages of Power – More power decreases the chance of blowing a fuse, which usually happens at the most inconvenient of times . An upgrade will increase your capabilities of running several high powered appliances and electronic devices .You can go ahead and plan those parties and family get-togethers without so much as a second thought where your circuitry is concerned.

Selling the House? – An upgrade of your electrical system can add value to your home should you ever decide to put it on the market.

Wondering When You Should Upgrade?

There a few telling signs that you need an upgrade :

  • Your circuit breakers frequently trip.
  • The lights dim when you turn on other appliances.
  • You have to use adapters or extension cords for additional outlet space.

If your circuit breaker doesn’t trip when the circuit is overloaded, the problem is usually that there is a loose connection somewhere in the circuit. Due to inexperience ,homeowners often replace it with a larger circuit breaker than the wire can support, this in itself poses another fire hazard.

Complexity of the job depends on the amount of structural changes made to the house over the years. Usually the less changes to the original layout of house , the easier the job. Regardless of how complex the wiring system is , the primary concern is making your house safer and better prepared for the demands of life in our time. No, untrained homeowners should attempt to upgrade their systems, it can be dangerous and costly.  Contact Spyrka Electric for professional home upgrades.

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