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When your house was built, nobody could foresee how many electrical appliances and devices would be in our lives years later. Today, in addition to all our computers and televisions, we are also seeing more people in the San Francisco area add central air conditioning and other major appliances. Come summer, all this energy demand leads to outages, overloaded circuits, and potentially sparks that cause house fires.

Before you plug in new toys or install a new appliance this summer, ask yourself if you’re sure that the electrical system can handle the load. An electrician can perform a heavy upgrade on the service panel so you count on lights, air, and entertainment this summer.


Summer Brings Heavy Energy Consumption

Besides the air conditioner, lots of appliances see more action in the summer. Refrigerators run more often, swimming pool equipment gets used, and the kids spend a lot more time in front of the television and computer.

Hot weather and heavy consumption put extra strain on your electrical system. Just as the public utility fights to prevent summer power outages, your home’s electrical service is under stress, too.

It’s also important to note that you are probably using appliances and outlets that haven’t been used since last summer — so it’s prudent to have an electrician inspect the wiring and connections to make sure everything is in good shape!

Reasons to Upgrade Your Home Electrical System

Service upgrades may not be as exciting as some other home improvement projects, but it’s a critical and beneficial upgrade that will keep you safe, comfortable, and enjoying your summer without worrying about your power supply.

After all, you need reliable electrical service to power your air conditioning all summer and prevent tripped breakers.

Here are the common reasons to upgrade an electrical system. Keep in mind that high energy usage in the summer can make these reasons even more urgent.

  • Older homes have 60 amps of electrical service instead of the modern 100 to 200. Insufficient service causes flickering lights, tripped breakers, blown fuses, outages, and fire hazards.
  • Ungrounded or faulty wiring, and outdated materials like aluminum wiring, which can lead to overheating, sparks, and property damage.
  • Missing GFCI protection for wet areas.
  • You need to add more electrical outlets because you have power strips and extension cords all over the place.
  • You want to add a new air conditioner, entertainment system, or other major appliances but don’t have enough circuits or power

Remember, your electrical system has a maximum throughput. You can’t keep plugging in more things forever — eventually, the circuits will get overloaded.

If you need to add circuits, upgrade a circuit breaker panel, or get wiring repairs made, contact us for electrical upgrades in the Marin and Sonoma County areas.

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