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Do you live in a home thirty years or older? If so the wiring system that was installed at that time is most likely outdated. This is certainly cause for concern as most wiring systems this age may begin to show signs of fault or malfunction. In some cases there could also be an aluminum wiring system installed but regardless of the issue homeowners should definitely consider upgrading their electrical system.

This is emphasized mostly because faulty electrical systems and aluminum wiring can both present several, hazardous, situations including electrical fires.

Why You Should Replace Aluminum Wiring

Aluminum WiringIn some homes there’s a possibility that renovations were never carried out since its original erection. This would suggest that the original wiring would still be in place and may be in urgent need of replacement especially if it’s showing signs of fault.

From the fifties up until the seventies most home electrical systems were assembled using aluminum wiring. Around this time the price of copper which was normally used for electrical wires had skyrocketed and using aluminum would have been the next, alternative as it was more affordable to use.

Nevertheless despite the fact that the use of aluminum wiring significantly reduced cost and showed potential for increased conductivity it possessed several, potential, issues that made it problematic for long term use.

Mainly because aluminum is softer than copper it’s more prone to damage and tends to rust which can eventually disrupt the flow of electricity and cause several other issues to occur.

How To Determine If Your Home Has Aluminum Wiring

Given the fact that many people purchase ready built or old homes they may not necessarily know what wiring system was installed. Therefore if you reside in an old home and you are uncertain as to if you have an aluminum wiring system there are a few signs that should indicate to you if you do.

Do the lights in your home flicker for no apparent reason? Or maybe you noticed light switches and electrical outlets becoming heated and discoloured. If so these may be indications that you may have an aluminum wiring system. More popular signs that suggest you have aluminum wiring is smoke or sparks occurring when plugging in electrical devices or constantly tripping circuit breakers or fuses.

Replacing Aluminum Wiring

If you have identified signs that indicate you have aluminum wiring it is highly recommended that you get it replaced as soon as possible. Homeowners must  keep in mind that if electrical components or systems installed are not functioning as they should they can pose serious threats to individuals or property.

So safeguard your home and family against certain electrical hazards by replacing the electrical system to one that is up to standard. For this you will need a certified electrician to come in and evaluate the home as well as to complete the installation of a new system.

Let Spryka Electric Be Your Choice When Replacing Aluminum Wiring

Contracting a professional electrician helps homeowners to manage electrical system installation in a safe and efficient manner. They reduce the amount of time spent on electrical tasks and their experience helps them to operate safely and in compliance to National Electric Code (NEC).

Here at Spryka Electric our dedicated, team of skilled, certified, electricians are here to help.  Give us a call at: (707) 829-3516 we’d be happy to come in and give you a hand with any electrical task you need performed whether it be residential or commercial. You can also visit our website at spyrkaelectric.com to have a look at the services we offer.

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