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Tripped GFI Receptacle

All current homes will have a receptacle in kitchens, bathrooms, garages and exterior locations that will have two buttons located either in the middle or along the sides, “TEST” and “RESET”.

The purpose of this style of receptacle is to protect items plugged in that are near wet or damp locations. When you have tripped this, you unplug what is plugged into this receptacle and push the “RESET” button. You should either hear a click or feel it reset. In some homes you will find that the power has gone out in a bathroom and you have no GFI directly in that room. The code allows a single GFI receptacle to protect the complete line of receptacles as needed. You will have to locate the first one in line and reset. If this problem continues to trip and you have all the items unplugged completely at all receptacles, you have internal issues that require a licensed electrical contractor to repair.

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