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Tripped Breaker

When you have tripped a breaker, either by overloading or short circuiting, it will trip off as it is designed to. Your breakers either are located on the exterior of the house (where the PG&E meter is located) or in the interior of the house (either garage, basement, clothing closet). The breaker will either go up and down, right to left, or left to right to turn them off. When resetting your breaker, you need to fully push the handle to the opposite direction until you hear a click. Now you have reset the breaker and can return it to the proper position. When returning, if you find that the breaker buzzes or trips off again, that means the wiring still has the problem on it. You can see if something new is on the wiring. If so, remove and try resetting one more time. If this problem continues, you have other internal issues that require a licensed electrical contractor to repair.

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