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Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are designed to signal an alarm that will alert you to leave the space. There is a light beam that is on the inside of the small opening on each detector. When this light is broken by smoke, steam, dust or even a spiderweb, the detector will go into alarm mode. Newer homes will have all detectors interlocked, which will alarm all detectors at the same time.

Older homes usually have one detector per bedroom or hallway outside of the bedrooms. Older homes can be wired for interlocking of all detectors. To clear the detector you can either create a breeze that will clear the problem or purchase from most hardware stores compressed air in a can. Spray the compressed air into the small opening and it will clear even the spiderwebs. On interlocking detectors you will need to locate the detector that sent the system into alarm and clear to silence the system. This will also work on battery smoke detectors too. Detectors outside of bathrooms that have heavy shower (steam) usage should be relocated to avoid this problem. Should you need replacement of defective detectors or new installation of detectors, contact a licensed electrical contractor.

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