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Energy Efficiency

There are two basic types of lighting: incandescent and gaseous style. Incandescent (standard light bulb) style is the most commonly used and is the least energy efficient. This light works from an element that when in operation will create a resistance to produce light. You can reduce your energy usage with dimmers. Gaseous style lights are fluorescent, quartz halogen, metal halide and high-pressure sodium. The fluorescent and quartz halogen are most commonly used in homes. Metal halide and high-pressure sodium are most commonly used in areas that require larger coverage or brighter usages like in street lighting, parking lots and exterior building security.

Fluorescent lighting has changed over the years, is very adaptable to home usage, and is the most energy efficient for this area of application. Quartz halogen will be more efficient and brighter than standard incandescent lamps. Contact a licensed electrical contractor that is up to date on any of these applications.