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Electrical repairs can be very affordable — especially compared to the costs of fixing bigger problems if you delay calling the electrician. Take good care of your electrical system to prevent issues, and call a licensed professional who can do the job quickly and well.

For electrical repair Sebastopol residents and businesses can call us for speedy service and quality work that reduces the chances you’ll encounter further issues anytime soon.

Be Smart About Extension Cords and Power Outlets

Prevention costs less than a cure. Use your outlets, extension cords, and surge protectors correctly and safely to avoid fire hazards, melted receptacles, and short circuits that can damage the breaker panel.

Many of our service calls for electrical repair in Sebastopol could have been avoided by following these tips:

  • Never “daisy chain” multiple surge protectors or power strips together.
  • Avoid plugging far too many devices into one outlet.
  • Consider moving appliances and furniture rather than running extension cords all over the house.
  • Replace loose or damaged outlets before they inflict greater damage.

Hire a Trustworthy Electrician Who can do the Job Quickly

If an experienced pro can do the job in 1 hour for $100/hour, the repair is $100. If another guy only charges $50 but takes 3 hours to do the job, he costs more.

To save money on electrical repair Sebastopol residents should call a local pro with credentials and good reviews. Ignore the allure of hiring a “cheap” handyman!


Go Local to Avoid Big Travel Charges

Fuel costs and travel time make up quite a bit of an electrician’s overhead. Before scheduling an appointment, get upfront info about minimum charges or flat fees on top of hourly rates. We regularly provide electrical repair in Sebastopol and throughout the Santa Rosa area.

Take Care of Multiple Repair Jobs in One Visit

Because of those minimum charges and the fact that an electrician can get more done efficiently when jobs are bundled together, go ahead and determine all the work you might need. If you’re calling about a blown fuse but you also need to add electrical outlets in a room, get it all taken care of. This could save you hundreds of dollars a few months from now.

Prep the Work Area Before the Electrician Arrives

Make it easy for the repairman to work quickly. Clear a path to the breaker panel and move furniture away from outlets and fixtures. That 15 minutes of preparation should be free — not while the electrician is on the clock.

If you are unable to move furniture and such, don’t worry. We are happy to help our electrical repair Sebastopol customers however we can.

Look into Buying Parts Before the Appointment

Don’t waste money on parts if you don’t know what you need. But if you do, you can reduce the chances that the electrician will need to leave to obtain a special part. We show up for electrical repair in Sebastopol with a truck loaded with parts and supplies — but occasionally a unique component is required.

We provide electrical repair Sebastopol area residents can trust for honest rates and fast service. Contact us for an estimate and find out why we’re your most cost-effective solution for electrician services in Sonoma County!