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Have you ever plugged in a space heater or toaster oven and discovered that the lights flicker or the breaker trips? That situation becomes more frequent if you live in an older home that needs electrical panel upgrades in Santa Rosa.

The experts agree: electricians, firefighters, home inspectors, and insurance companies all recommend that you upgrade an electrical panel that is insufficient, dangerous, or outdated.

Electrical Service Upgrades for More Power

Electrical Panel Upgrades in Santa Rosa

There are two big reasons to get a larger electrical panel. First, electrical systems used to be set up for a maximum of 60 or 100 amps of power. Today’s homes get built with 150 or 200 amps. Between the multiplying number of gadgets we use to the addition of major appliances like central air, hot tubs, and wine chillers, your Santa Rosa home simply needs more power.

Secondly, old fuse boxes and breaker panels had a smaller number of circuits. Regardless of your total amperage, each circuit can only handle 15 or 20 amps. Having an entire wing of the house on one circuit can be dangerous or impossible these days.

Address these issues with the help of a Santa Rosa electrician for service panel upgrades:

  • Service upgrades: Your electrician coordinates with the utility to upgrade your home to 200 amps. We install a larger electrical panel to handle the load, and we can wire dedicated circuits for those larger appliances to prevent tripping breakers.
  • Electrical panel replacement: Do you already have 125 amps or more and do not plan on adding major appliances? You might need more breakers so you can run a lot of devices simultaneously. We can add a subpanel for a finished basement, outdoor kitchen, or home addition.

Repair or Replace a Dangerous Electrical Panel

The lifespan of an electrical panel can be measured in decades—but a lot can go wrong in the meantime. Water intrusion causes rust that degrades the breakers and wires, which results in sparks and overheating. Wrongly sized wire gauges and double-tapped breakers can also cause breaker panel hazards.

Ask a licensed electrician about electrical panel upgrades in Santa Rosa. Or at least get an inspection if you’ve noticed corrosion or a burning smell coming from the breaker box.

These issues will not always prevent your electricity from working. However, overheated wires and overloaded circuits are time bombs waiting to go off. Be vigilant and contact a Santa Rosa electrician as soon as possible.

When to Replace a Fuse Box or Outdated Panel

Did you know that switching from a fuse box to a circuit breaker panel does not require rewiring your home? Electrical panel upgrades in Santa Rosa cost less than you might think and can be performed in as little as a day.

It’s a good idea to replace a fuse box simply because they are all so old. Added safety, more reliable power, and an easier time selling your home are just a few of the benefits.

If you have a fuse box or a breaker panel that is more than 25 years old—or shows signs of electrical problems including rust, burnt plastic, frayed wires, or tripped circuits when you run a new appliance—it’s time to look into electrical panel upgrades in Santa Rosa.

For speedy and friendly service by a licensed, experienced electrician, Santa Rosa area homeowners and businesses can contact Spryka Electric.

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