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The main function of surge protectors or surge suppressors, as they are more commonly referred to, are to protect electronic devices from dangerous fluctuations of electricity. Most designs serve one immediate function, which allow you to plug multiple components, into one power outlet simultaneously. However, the surge protector, can serve to carry out more than one function. Here are a few tips as to why having surge protectors in your home is so important.

surge protectors

Surge Protector Safety

During the holidays, in and around the home, numerous devices, appliances and lightings are being powered, sometimes all at once. In normal household and office wiring, the standard voltage is 120 volt and if the voltage rises above 120 volts, mainly because of overloaded outlets, problems will certainly arise. Therefore obtaining surge protectors for your home, during the holidays and beyond, should definitely be a priority to homeowners.

In the home, surge protectors can have numerous functions. Its main function is to offer protection against surges and spikes in electricity, that can potentially damage devices or appliances. Nevertheless, they can also also serve in the operation of high-powered electrical devices such as vacuum cleaners, air conditioners and refrigerators as well as to power excessive lighting displays or fixtures.

A surge protector basically works by providing surge suppression. In this process,using two-terminal semiconductors, whose function is similar to pressure-sensitive valves, electricity is conducted, only when the power level reaches a threshold beyond safe fluctuations. The excess voltage is re-routed to the ground wire, safely dissipating the voltage into the earth.

Surge protectors can be found in several configurations, shapes and sizes to accommodate from the smallest electrical device to the largest and most complicated. There may be no apparent difference in appearance between a surge protector and a power strip, however, a power strip, merely acts as an extension cord, for numerous devices simultaneously, where a surge protector contains the extra protection of a built-in surge suppressor.

Therefore mistaking the two, where power strips and surge protectors are seen to do the same job can still lead to the potential damage of your appliances or devices. So it is for this reason, that consumers should be aware of what they’re buying to make sure the device they purchase is suitable for its intended use.

So for the holidays, consider a safer alternative, other than using  twin adapters or two-way and three-way plugs, which have no lead for multiple appliances and replace them with surge protectors. These can provide a peace of mind to homeowners, without them having to worry about potential electrical and fire hazards as well as the destruction of your devices or appliances.  Contact Spyrka Electric as we’re here for you.

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