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Summer home electrical repairs are convenient and popular for many reasons. You have a little more free time to schedule appointments, and the hot weather means your electrical system is under more stress than usual. Take care of electrical inspections and maintenance, and consider upgrades to keep power flowing reliably as summer heats up.

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Preventive care — get repairs to protect your AC and more

Electrical problems are one of the most common causes of air conditioner failure as specified by most AC experts. In the summer, households not only use the AC more but also tend to use more electricity in general. The strain can cause sudden electrical failures as the summer drags on.

Go ahead and get an electrical tune-up when you have a free moment, and you can avoid the need for emergency repairs later.

Schedule electrical appointments while you have free time

Major electrical work, such as electrical system upgrades and new wiring, can take many hours or longer. It’s a perfect opportunity to take the kids to the zoo or hit the wine country. The electrician will need to cut off power to at least some rooms while making repairs, so it’s good to get out of the house while we work.

You will probably be busier in the fall, with less time to schedule home repairs.

Doing home improvement? Upgrade the electrical system

Summer is a very busy season for home renovations and DIY projects, like finishing an attic, converting a room, or remodeling a kitchen. Changes to your home typically require electrical upgrades.

Some electrical projects to consider:

  • Add or relocate electrical outlets when remodeling a room
  • Add breakers or upgrade the electrical panel service when adding new appliances
  • Upgrade outlets with GFCI protection or USB chargers for safety and convenience
  • Protect swimming pool equipment and air conditioners with an electrical tune-up

More summer electrical project ideas

Backup generators are another popular reason to upgrade your electrical system in the summer. While the weather is nice, the time is perfect to prepare for late-season and winter storms. Install a generator now so our electrical panel will be ready to switch over automatically when the next outage occurs.

Service upgrades are also important for older homes with 100 amps or less. This means the total electrical power coming from the utility company. As we add more electronics and devices to our lives, we need more power than we did decades ago.

Ask us at Spyrka about a heavy up for your electrical service so your breaker panel can supply power reliably to all your appliances.

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