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Local Electrician Spyrka ElectricEven a perfectly built home will need electrical work sooner or later. From repairing old wiring to installing upgrades for modern entertainment systems, many projects require a licensed, knowledgeable professional to ensure safety and lasting, quality results.

Not sure if your situation requires a local electrician? Here’s a look at signs you should call in a pro:

You Repeatedly Have Electrical Problems

When small fixes don’t solve the problem and annoying little problems keep coming back, call a local electrician to get to the bottom of it. This can include:

  • Lights that flicker. This can happen occasionally in any home, but chronic problems with flickering can be a sign of bad wiring or damage that should be fixed before the problem worsens. Squirrel chewing a wire? Get it replaced and protected before a fire starts.
  • Circuit breakers that trip. If your breakers occasionally trip, unrelated to plugging in large appliances or other activity, the electrical system and the panel itself should be inspected.
  • Outlets run hot. If you notice that your electrical plugs or any other components feel unusually hot to the touch, they may be overloaded and in danger of causing a safety hazard. Call your local electrician before any people or property get hurt.

Your DIY Project Requires Too Much Research

Handling some home repairs DIY-style can be fun and rewarding for homeowners, but sometimes people get in over their heads. If you’re questioning whether you have the know-how and tools to safely handle the project, save yourself valuable time and effort—and protect your home—by calling a trusted local electrician instead.

You’ve Put Up with Problems for Too Long

Sometimes we live with small household problems because they seem more trouble than they are worth. Yet add up all the time we spend dealing with improperly installed wiring, light switches, and outlets, and you have a ton of wasted hours compared to simply calling in the local electrician to fix it. You’ll thank yourself later, especially if you sell the house and need an inspection. This holds true for problems like:

  • Light switch not connected to anything. This may seem like a small problem, but why live with it? You should know what a light switch controls, and if the wiring was installed poorly you can make life easier by fixing it.
  • Light switch controls multiple things. Do you have a switch that turns on the lights and ceiling fan together, so you’re constantly trying to toggle things back and forth? A local electrician can clear up this problem.
  • A power outlet doesn’t work. Modern households need more power outlets than ever, not fewer. Get dead outlets fixed, especially if you are loading up other outlets to compensate.

Your Previous Local Electrician Did Bad Work

Not all electricians are the same—if your last electrician poorly installed or repaired electrical work in your home, find a better electrician to correct the mistakes. Every homeowner should find a reliable local electrician to have on-call for quality, dependable work.

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