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Electrical systems are highly complex and carry an element of danger.  If your home or business electrical system needs repairs of any sort or if you are disappointed with its functionality, do not rely on an amateur to do the job.  Hire Spyrka Electric and you will rest easy knowing a team of true professionals is hard at work correcting your residential or commercial electrical system.  We get the job right done on the first try as opposed to inexperienced so-called electricians who make mistakes, work slowly and overcharge.  Furthermore, our team knows how to work safely; there is minimal risk of an injury, damage or anything else going wrong when our crew performs electrical repairs at your property.

Electrical Repairs of all Types

Electrical RepairWhether you have a faulty electrical outlet, problems with lighting, require a service panel replacement or anything else, our electrical experts are at your service.  We serve residents and business owners across Sonoma County, Marin County and the greater Santa Rosa area.  Our team provides no-cost, fast estimates.  Put your faith in our licensed electricians to enhance your home or business’s electrical system and your lights and power will once again prove reliable.

Electrical Repairs for Businesses and Other Organizations

If you own or manage a business or organization of any sort, our electrical experts are here to help.  From restaurants to retail stores, offices, nursing homes, warehouses and beyond, we perform commercial electrical repairs of all varieties.  Place your trust in our team to get your electrical system back in working order and you will be impressed with our thoroughness, efficiency and knowledge.

Our team has performed an array of commercial and industrial repairs.  From repairing lights to troubleshooting faulty service panels, rewiring buildings, installing security wiring, repairing network cables and repairing outlets, we do it all.  Perhaps your facility has a code violation that you need corrected in a timely manner.  Spyrka Electric is here to perform a comprehensive inspection, make the proper repairs and ensure your building is updated with the latest National Electrical Code standards and all relevant regulations.

Home Electrical Repairs

Our services extend to houses, apartment complexes and residences of all other types.  Whether your lights are not working, you need an electrical code violation remedied or require a repair of another type at your home, we will get it done. Our team is as reliable as it gets.  Reach out to us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we will perform your repair in a timely manner.  Do not lose sight of the fact that your safety and comfort hangs in the balance.  A minor electrical problem really does have the potential to upend your life.  Serious electrical problems are a legitimate threat to your well-being.

If your lights, outlets, surge breaker or any other electrical component do not work, lean on our team for assistance.  We provide timely, effective and affordable electrical repairs.  Do not worry about verbiage and trying to understand the complexities of electrical challenges.  We simplify everything in layman’s terms to ensure you understand exactly what the problem is and how we will solve it.  Common examples of household electrical repairs include the correction of electrical wiring issues, remedying faulty service panels, repairing light switches, troubleshooting frequently tripped breakers and dead electrical outlets and repairing flickering lights.

Why Choose Our Team for Electrical Repairs

Our electrical gurus are straightforward, efficient and courteous.  We are a family-owned business with full insurance, licensure and most importantly, experience repairing commercial and residential systems.  Reach out to us or call us at 707-523-3155 to learn more about electrical repairs.