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The holiday season is usually the time of year when homeowners and parents alike go above and beyond to celebrate and bring about a feeling of warmth and cheer to their homes. Without warning an electrical hazard can dim and cause great distress.

Homes are filled with a frenzy of decorations, lights and food along with numerous gatherings of family and friends. Children also find the holidays to be an extremely joyous and merry occasion with all the elaborate displays of Christmas trees and gifts.

Unfortunately it is also during this time that parents often overlook the many potential dangers and injuries that their children may be exposed to at this time of year.

The Effects of Electrical Hazards

electrical hazardsRecent statistics show that the number of children injured or killed by fires usually doubles during the holiday time. They also show that children are twice as likely to die in a home fire than the rest of the population.

Parents are therefore urged to implement comprehensive safety measures to ensure the safety of children by identifying and eliminating any potential shock or fire hazards.

Given all the fanfare and potential dangers that come along with the holiday season homeowners and parents should take care, to be particularly prepared and cautious. To assist in this process here are some insightful tips to help you get your homes prepared for the upcoming holidays.

Investigate and identify any potential hazards, these may include; electrical connections near Christmas trees, candles placed too close to fabric, lights hung or situated that small children can grab or overloaded power outlets.

Homeowners should check to ensure that all circuit breakers in the home are working correctly and if not have a qualified professional come in and rectify the issue.

To solve the issue of overloaded outlets remember to purchase several power strips for your home. This way electrical outlets will not have to be burdened with so many cords at once.

Purchase battery operated toys for children under ten instead of toys that have to be plugged into an outlet. This will prevent potential shock or burns to children.

In rooms where children are generally unsupervised avoid using space heaters. Children tend to stick their fingers or foreign objects through the protective guards of heaters causing burns or possible shock.

Under no circumstances should you allow your children to use electrical toys or gadgets near water, as they can become a shock hazard if they are misused or come into contact with water. You should also emphasize keeping liquids away from electronics such as TVs and computers as they could spill and cause dangerous shocks and fires.

Replace worn or old electrical cords with properly insulated and protected cords to ensure the safety of you and your children. Electrical cords can also be perceived as a choking hazard to young children since a small child can choke on as little as 12 inches of cord.

So don’t let the holidays catch you off guard, protect and safeguard your homes now and for the upcoming holidays. Be sure to take all the necessary steps and precautions to avoid damage to your home or serious injury to you or your children. Contact us for more information.

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